Integration Capabilities in top 20 nocode platforms

Earlier we have seen the top 20 nocode application development platforms. Now, let us move to the various capabilities in those top 20 nocode platforms. However, these platforms possess many capabilities regarding application development. Firstly, let us go towards “Integration capabilities in top 20 nocode platforms”.

What is integration in no-code platforms?

No Code integration platforms are basically a cloud-based or web-based application development platform. However, it helps you to develop the applications without a technical background. Hence, no need to involve the IT team members while developing your applications.

Integration in no-code platforms helps organizations to develop and deploy integrations faster without the interference of the IT framework. Additionally, it allows you as a citizen developer or a business user in deploying the integrations rapidly and with enhanced productivity.

Advanced platforms help you to eliminate the manual coding task by providing an environment favorable for leverages and pre-packaged templates as well. However, it also provides easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools and components for configuring the applications and unification. Besides, it increases the speed of application deployment. Beyond, it saves time along with innovation and mapping data. In addition to this, it helps you to optimize data flows and place the data at the proper place at the proper time.

Furthermore, no-code integration platforms help you to avoid the confusion that can be a threat to its potential technology advantages. As a result, going for no-code integration platforms is more useful and beneficial for your business growth.

There are four steps needed to implement while starting with no code integration.

Integration capabilities in top 20 nocode platforms

1. Zoho Creator

The integration in Zoho Creator helps you to acquire the completion of the important activities in a single platform. However, you can carry out the different activities using this Zoho Creator integration.

  • Add-on Zoho mail
  • Planning and executing email campaigns
  • Integrating with Zoho CRM

Zoho Creator integrates with various workflow processes as well products. However it has the ability to integrate with various services like Salesforce, Google apps, Quickbooks, and SMS service.

You have to do the following things to integrate the Zoho Creator with any of the services.

  1. Create record
  2. Fetch or get a record
  3. Fetch or get a record using ID
  4. Searching records
  5. Updating records

Integration with Salesforce

Integration with Zoho products

Apart from the services, Zoho Creator has the ability to integrate with different products. However, they are listed below.

  • CRM
  • Invoice
  • Calendar
  • Reports
  • Recruit
  • Desk
  • Books
  • Subscriptions

2. Airtable

Airtable is called an “all-in-one integration and collaboration platform” that is c partly spreadsheet, partly a database, and completely flexible. Integration with Airtable enables you to add file attachments to your records by fetching them from your mailbox.

However, it also helps you to establish a deeper connection with your inbox and workflow processes. Now, various tools and services are available in Gmail. Hence, the entire tools and services can be easily organized using your custom database application.

Furthermore, Airtable is an online integration and collaboration software enterprise. However, a relational database manages to empower it at the back-end. It uses a spreadsheet to interface with its users. Besides, it is so flexible that a team of any size can easily integrate with it. Beyond, it helps you to customize, manage projects, ides, consumers, and more.

Additionally, users are free to select any view from various types of views while having a look at their information. As a result, you can easily get the correct data and perspective. Hence, this helps you to make informed decisions and immediately take action on it.

Here are the top 10 integrations of the Airtable no-code application development platform.

  1. Zapier
  2. Integromat
  3. Workato
  4. Box
  5. Dropbox
  6. Google Drive
  7. Gmail
  8. JotForm
  9. TypeForm
  10. Slack

3. Zapier

Zapier no-code application development platform is basically an online tool that helps you to connect your favorite applications. However, it includes Gmail, Slack, MailChimp, etc. Besides, you are able to connect multiple applications for automating repetitive activities and tasks. Further, it does not require coding. Hence, you do not have to rely on developers for developing an integration.

Zapier integration in digital marketing

Zapier integration helps you to connect over 1,800 of the excellent and high productivity business applications. In short, millions of Zapier users are able to add it to their workflow processes. Zapier integration building helps you to keep an eye on every smallest technical bit and enhance the user experience.

Zapier integration can be built in two ways by using two builders. You can build integrations either by using Visual builder or UI-based visual builder or CLI.

However, the visual builder allows you to build a Zapier integration in your browser without writing any code. After that, you can customize your integration as per your requirements. CLI helps you to create integrations in your local developing environment along with collaborating with version control and CI tools.

4. Drona HQ

Integration with Drona HQ helps you to connect your organization back-end systems and data by providing out-of-the-box and scalable connectors. This is how it fuels and empowers your applications. However, it looks after your future proof. Besides, it assists you to support not only your current but also upcoming mobile applications, web applications, chatbots, etc.

Drona HQ assists you to integrate safe and securely with the other services. However, it allows you to integrate with your environment so that you can easily meet and satisfy your security needs and requirements. Additionally, you can easily integrate your favorite applications with Drona HQ.

Furthermore, you can push as well as pull the data from them to third-party systems by utilizing Zapier and API integrations. Additionally, you can connect the well-known applications and seamlessly move your data from one system to the other. Hence, it stands among integration capabilities in the top 20 nocode platforms.

Drona HQ has the capability to integrate with the following

  • Database/application
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Salesforce
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • REST services

5. Ninox

Ninox integration allows you to automate the entire processes that you are currently handling manually. However, it is capable enough to connect the applications as well as transfer and transform the data. Besides, Ninox works tirelessly 24/7 along without the need for your intervention. Additionally, it saves you time and effort.

Ninox possesses the capability to integrate 200+ application services and connect over 2000+ applications easily. Some of the services and applications with Ninox are listed below.

  • Integromat
  • Cognito Forms
  • Zapier
  • Box
  • Coda
  • MailChimp
  • Zoho Creator
  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoom
  • Webflow
  • TypeForms
  • Google Drive

These are a few services that integrate with the Ninox no-code application platform. To check all the integrations, you can visit Integrations with Ninox.

6. Nintex

Nintex helps you to integrate your cloud-based applications, CRM, ERP, and content management systems (CMS) in the workflow processes seamlessly. However, it allows you to work the way you want. No restrictions on your way to work. Besides, there are no limitations and restraints.

Furthermore, Nintex provides you with certain out-of-the-box connectors for integration purpose. However, it involves OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Dynamic CRM, Salesforce, Twilio, Dropbox, Slack, Google Drive, Azure AD, SQL, and more.

Nintex has the ability to integrate with over 100+ services and applications. You can get the detail integrations with the Nintex.

7. Stencyl

Stencyl is basically a development tool designed especially to build video games. However, it enables you to develop 2D video games for desktop devices, computers, mobile devices, and web as well.

Stencyl provides you the ability as an authority tool. However, it also provides an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Besides, it provides you with several modules that help you to accomplish the essential tasks for developing games using the software.

Furthermore, Stencyl provides:

  • Behavior editor: to build and edit code as well as game logic in modular slices called behaviors and events.
  • Tileset editor: imports and edits tilesets involving the collision shapes, appearance, and animations.
  • Scene designer: creates and edit levels and game states using actors, tilesets, and behaviors.
  • Active Editor: to create and edit the game entities and their settings involving behaviors, animations, and physics.

You can get the further information related to the integration in Stencyl.

8. Retool

Retool is a no-code application development platform that makes it easier to create admin panels, dashboards, and usage utilities at the top of your data. However, it allows you to connect to other services within the minutes. Besides, it enables you to figure out and UI browsers quickly and upload your entire files on Cloud.

Retool integration also helps you to upload the photos first and later store the uploaded URLs in a database. However, it includes services like MongoDB. Retool possesses the capability to integrate with numerous services and applications. Some of them are listed below.

  • Database
  • GCS (Google Cloud Storage)
  • Salesforce
  • Snowflake
  • Lambda
  • Basecamp
  • Redis
  • SQL Server
  • Redshift
  • Slack
  • Twilio

For further integrations, you can click on integrations with Retool.

9. Kintone

Kintone is entirely an integrated social collaborative and customized business application. However, it is a cloud platform that enables internal as well as external teams to solve the problems in business processes collectively. Additionally, Kintone can help you for various purposes including custom CRM, Project Management, SCM, and more.

Kintone integration helps you to send a notification with the help of sending a direct message to the person that is assigned or set as an assignee of the particular task or activity. Furthermore, Kintone is capable enough to integrate with over 100 services and connect 2000+applications seamlessly. Let us see some of them that are listed below.

  • Slack
  • Microsoft flow
  • Box
  • Webmerge
  • Dropbox
  • Azure
  • Form Bridge
  • Zapier
  • Zoho Flow

For detail, click on integration with Kintone no-code application development platform.

10. BettyBlocks

BettyBlocks is basically a no-code application development platform that helps you to integrate web services and external services. However, it allows you to get connected with your favorite applications without any restrictions or limitations.

Furthermore, BettyBlocks helps you to integrate as well as automate your business processes and system. However, it has capability to integrate with many services as well as applications. Some of them are given here.

  • Airtable
  • Shoutem
  • Winnock
  • Boomi
  • AppSheet
  • Omnia
  • Zudy

You can get the more information about the integration with BettyBlocks here.

11. Salesforce Lightning

User Interface integration in Salesforce Lightning is one of the brilliant and a great way to cover different applications in Salesforce. The only thing needed is slightly redesigning each and every application. However, it grants your users a single point through which your user can make the entry into multiple applications.

Salesforce Lightning provides you with the connectors that allow you to integrate with the real-time data and systems. However, it helps you to map the Salesforce external objects to the data of your system. Additionally, it possesses the capability to integrate with numerous services and applications. Below are some of them.

  • SQL
  • APEX
  • SOSL
  • API
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • CallOne
  • Quip
  • Amazon Connect

Visit for more integrations with Salesforce Lightning no-code application development platform.

12. Bubble

Bubble no-code platform is basically a no-code application development platform that has an integration with various services and connects many applications. However, it is a third-party search-as-a-service provider. Besides, Bubble applications use the integration to send their data to the respective service or application for indexing.

Furthermore, you can select any type of indexing. Additionally, you will be notified immediately when any indexing is added, modified, or deleted. Beyond, Bubble is capable enough to integrate with many services and applications. Let us have a quick look.

  • Algolia
  • Parabola
  • Wappler
  • Square Bubble
  • ServiceNow
  • Salesforce
  • Integromat

For more information, have a look on integrations with Bubble no-code application development platform.

13. AppSheet

AppSheet is a no-code application development platform that allows you to build applications without any code writing quickly and easily. However, you can integrate easily and seamlessly with the APIs as well as the external services with AppSheet.

Now, AppSheet helps you to integrate with thousands of external services and applications. However, integration in AppSheet relies on strong and powerful API for incoming as well as outgoing communications. In addition to this, you can add, delete, modify, and update your table records. Beyond, you can invoke any essential action pre-defined in the applications. Let us see some of the selected integrations with AppSheet.

  • Zapier
  • Google Cloud
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • SmartSheet
  • OneDrive
  • Coda
  • Zoho
  • Appgyver
  • MS PowerApps

For further information, click on integrations with AppSheet no-code platform,

14. Kissflow

Everyone knows that Kissflow is basically a no-code application development platform. However, it helps you to increase the mandate for BPM (Business Process Management). That is why Kissflow possesses in-built workflow integration capabilities.

Kissflow is an integration platform that has the capability to integrate with numerous services and connect with over 1000s of applications. Some of the selective services and applications that Kissflow integrates with are listed below.

  • Cloud-based platforms
  • Zapier
  • IBM
  • SAP
  • Webmerge
  • Salesforce
  • QB
  • Google
  • Oracle
  • DocuSign

You can more detailed information about integrations with Kissflow no-code application development platform.

15. Appian

Appian integrations grants a way for Appian to acquire data and invoke the services from the external systems. However, Appian integrations utilize HTTP REST services for communicating with the other systems. Besides, it is very easy to access and portable. Hence, you have to build an integration once and later use it in a rule, interface as well as a process model for interacting with the other systems.

Appian integrations and connected systems work hand-in-hand to allow users and designers to connect immediately to an outside system. There are mainly two ways of integrations.

  • Appian calling systems
  • Systems calling Appian

Appian is capable enough to integrate with unlimited services as well as connect with numerous applications. For more detail information, you can visit, integrations in Appian no-code application development platform.

16. Mendix

Everyone knows that integration is one of the most significant parts of the application development process. However, Mendix provides you the ability to pay attention to the topic that is not receiving much attention in the marketplace. Besides, it grants you a cloud-native maturation along with service related to software.

Furthermore, Mendix connects to many applications as well as integrate with numerous services. Additionally, it provides you with numerous solutions that ensures new applications are able to consume as well as expose data and services in heterogeneous environments.

Mendix connects and integrate with many applications and services. Some of them are listed below.

  • REST
  • SOAP
  • OData
  • GDBC
  • SAP
  • Third-party
  • Box
  • Outsystems

For detail information, integration with the Mendix no-code application development platform.

17. Quick Base

Quick Base is a no-code application development tool that allows you to implement your ideas in a better way of working on applications. However, it helps you to make your team more effective, informed, efficient, and more productive.

Quick Base helps you to rapidly connect data and integrate your systems along with the automation of your workflows. However, Quick Base allows integration with the third-party, applications, services, etc. Some of them are below.

  • SAP
  • Salesforce
  • Workato
  • Workday
  • Slack
  • ServiceNow
  • Netsuite
  • Intacct
  • Quickbooks
  • Zapier

You can get detailed information about the integrations in the Quick Base no-code application development platform.

18. Outsystems

Outsystems helps you to integrate with various processes easily. However, it allows developers to manage their integration configurations without writing any custom code. Besides, it significantly decreases time and effort and eliminates errors. Developers can use those integrations visually in the application logic. Furthermore, some of the services and applications are given below with which Outsystems easily integrate and connect.

  • SAP
  • SOAP
  • REST
  • BAPI
  • Workato
  • Synergy
  • Zapier

For further information, click on integrations with Outsystems no-code application development platform.

19. Quixy

Quixy is basically a no-code application development platform that allows you to build the applications 10x times faster than traditional programming. However, Quixy integrates and helps you to connect over 1000s of favorite applications. Furthermore, Quixy provides you with the following abilities while integrating.

  • Optimization of processes
  • Collaboration visibility
  • Compliance management
  • Easy configuration

20. ServiceNow

Integration in ServiceNow provides you the abilities that make it easy for you and your organizations to seamlessly leverage into your no-code application development platform.

ServiceNow has the ability to perform the following integrations.

  • Email integration
  • Phone integration
  • Calendar integration
  • Chat integration

You can visit integrations with ServiceNow no-code application development platform.

Hence, these were all about the integration capabilities in the top 20 no-code platforms.

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