Odoo LowCode Platform

Odoo LowCode Platform is a business management and cloud-based low-code platform. However, this involves software like CRM, billing, e-commerce, accounting, warehouse, manufacturing, project management, inventory management.

Odoo LowCode Platform provides a community version LGPLv3 open source. However, it is supplemented by the organization’s proprietary features, functions, and services.

Odoo LowCode Platform was firstly known as OpenERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). However, most of the companies and organizations use Odoo for managing the basics of the organization. This includes the management of materials and warehouse, human resources, finance, sales, accounting, and more.

Odoo LowCode Platform contains a value proposition that is very easy to utilize and implement. At the same time, it is fully unified and simple to use. Odoo gives an opportunity to have an overlook of the pipeline. Besides, the possibility to develop sub-stages for the better arrangement of the processes.

Odoo LowCode Platform has the ability to work faster using simply drag-and-drop interface. However, it specifies stages for every single sales team. Also, it provides you with the facility to archive the lost chances and opportunities.

Besides, Odoo grants you to archive the other opportunities manually. However, the loss is now not a stage, it is an individual field. This field enables you to analyze the pipeline more powerfully and strongly. For instance, you can do a robust analysis of the “Lost ratio per stage”.

Odoo belongs to the category of featured platforms. Hence it possesses numerous features and functionalities. Some of the prime and considerable features are told below. You can check them in detail.


Inline editing

Odoo possesses an exclusive inline edit approach. However, it has the ability to build pages and applications using this approach. Besides, it does not need coding. You get exactly that you can see.

Building blocks

Odoo allows you to build a page or product right from scratch. This can be accomplished just by drag-and-drop components. However, it provides you with entirely personalizable building blocks.


Odoo provides you with a gallery and catalog containing various professional themes that can be used in your applications. Besides, you can create your own professional themes just by few clicks. You can change the theme from time-to-time.

Online Form creator

Odoo has the capability to develop innovative and appealing web forms. These web forms allow you to capture every visitor’s data and information. Besides, you can make your application more interactive by building these web forms.

Unification tools

Odoo provides you with different tools for unification. These tools make it easy for you to integrate with various processes, workflows, and applications. These tools involve upselling and cross-selling, abandoned carts, sale boost, and promotional coupon codes.


Odoo has the ability to enhance the shopping experience of the users. You get various facilities with the Odoo platform. However, it involves a searching system, onboarding for customers, skipping of the shipping address, comparator product, guest as well as registered users, and more.

Payment and shipping

Odoo grants you the easy and full unified options of payment and shipping methods. However, you can do payment and receive commodities, products, and services in an easy way. Besides, it involves shipping and payment methods to carry out the tasks smoothly.

Account and bills

Odoo allows you the easy and efficient options of accounting and billing. However, you can calculate the bill along with the shipping costs. You can yield account charts and involve tax rates in it. Additionally, you can get an account package that is fully unified with your applications.

Effective communication

Odoo platform grants you the feature of efficient communication with your customers. However, it gives you many ways to interact with your customers. This includes email gateways, email templates, custom alerts, and VoIP.

User interface

Odoo offers you a modern user interface that allows an intuitive user to design for sales. Additionally, it provides you a customizable dashboard to achieve a better overview of the sales activities. Beyond this, it grants the useful and helpful tips and excellent practices o set up and deliver your CRM.

Decreases manual work

Odoo reduces the manual work as you get all the automated system. However, it automatically takes the data entry. Hence you need not have to enter the data entry manually.


With Odoo, you can get the facility of the online acquisition. Also, you can get over 30 apps for marketing using which you are able to boost your leads from the website, SEO tools, form developers, and SEA.

Managing activities and calls

Odoo allows you to organize and arrange the activities sequentially. Also, you can schedule your activities as per your needs. Besides, you are allowed to log each and every activity with the chatter immediately with already defined actions. In short, you can track, log, and determine the tasks of your team.


Odoo provides you with a predefined and customizable dashboard. Additionally, you can build your own dashboard using an enhanced report engine. Beyond, you are able to share the filters with your entire team.


Odoo gives you the ability to keep and maintain the record of your reports. Also, you can generate reports from time-to-time. It includes various types of reports. Opportunity analysis, cohort analysis, CRM, and analysis of the leads are included in the types of reports.

Data analytics

Odoo provides you with an analysis of sales data. However, you can get the analytics and insights regarding your data. You are enabled to highlight an excellent product in terms of sold quantity. However, you are able to find enormous customers in terms of revenue. Additionally, you can get a graph of the monthly sales.

These are some of the features and functionalities of the Odoo low-code platform. You can check the list of applications built with the help of the Odoo low-code application development platform.

Odoo low-code application development platform is one of the best and easy-to-use platforms for you if you are towards stepping in the field of no-code development. Finally, you can design, develop, end deploy your own applications for your business for an individual or an organization.

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