KISSFLOW NoCode Platform

KISSFLOW NoCode Platform is a tool that is cloud-based that helps to develop, design, customize and personalize their business applications for use. This platform gets an easy strategic approach to business process management (BPM). The business managers are empowered to develop and control the process workflow. There are above 10,000 customers in 121 countries worldwide in Kissflow. It involves support and service for clients speaking Portuguese and Spanish.

Kissflow establishes a business with large organizations like Pepsi, Danone, Sysco, and Flipkart in a better way. Kissflow provides 50 pre-installed business applications that include vendor payment, purchase orders, employee onboarding, etc.

Users get two options with this platform, either to install apps and edit them according to their needs and expectations or develop their own applications from scratch. The software involves system consequences, notifications, reports, data-capturing forms, and human tasks.

Basically, Kissflow is designed to empower users to develop unlimited business applications using a simple user interface. It enables you to distribute the invoice for the merchants and vendor approval process. Additionally, it enables the cutting down the costs needed to develop an application. It is used by an entire enterprise in account departments.

KISSFLOW NoCode Platform meets your needs for optimizing costs and maintain your budget. Kissflow allows you to determine purchase orders in detail. Also, you can figure out the unessential purchases and quickly eliminate them.

KISSFLOW NoCode Platform possesses some features that help to meet your needs and requirements. These features allow you to build an excellent and exclusive application. Kissflow stands among the top 20 no-code application development platforms. Go through the following features and you’d understand why it is one of the top 20 platforms.

  • Proper arrangement of invoice process orders: Kissflow provides an integrated Digital Workplace for all your task requirements. Sometimes, processes may get crippled, So it offers the automated process that arranges the invoice process orders and its approval in proper order.
  • Answers for purchase: Kissflow develops actionable, data-driven analytics from your data regarding purchasing. It allows you to capture, approve, and maintain a track record of purchase requests. Kissflow responds to the purchase requests of customers in a quick and efficient way.
  • Easy implementation: Kissflow is easy-to-handle and implement. You can use it easily to develop your apps. There are no complex implementations and executions with Kissflow. It has a simple user interface that allows you to develop and deploy their apps easily and quickly.
  • Budget optimization: Kissflow has the ability to reduce the costs and build an application within the optimized budget. Along with this, it also allows users to maintain their budget. You can create a more attractive and money-making app with little budget.
  • Simple GUI: Kissflow has a simple graphical user interface hosted by the cloud. This feature makes it easily accessible for the users. It eliminates the need for building infrastructures, linked databases, and other works. Also, it provides simple drag-and-drop features. Anyone can use it smoothly.
  • Hand-off workflows: An entirely automated workflow of Kissflow assists you to be the same mind-off as your hand-off. It helps you to handle all the activities in the workflow in the system.
  • One Sign-on: Single Sign-On (SSO) helps individuals to utilize a single group of credentials to log in. t is used to access the information throughout different resources in an organization network.
  • Exclusive App Wizard: Google docs and other contacts establish a direct connection in workflows. It allows you to create a 5-step wizard within the minutes easily. The 5-step wizard allows direct communication among the workflow processes.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Kissflow allows you to build your customized reports on your own. You have to begin by clicking on the Reports tab. You can choose the app for making reports for under App-Specific. Kissflow provides an advanced way of reporting about the apps.
  • Built-in Reports: With pre-built reporting features, the Kissflow business management process offers readymade process metrics or statistics. The in-built reports enable you to take an overview, evaluate, and gather insights regarding the workflows. However, the reports describe the joined number of requests at every stage such as In-progress, completed, and rejected.
  • Google doc attachment: Kissflow provides integration of workflow with Google drive and enterprise hierarchy support. This allows direct uploading documents in Kissflow from their computers. You can attach files, images, and other kinds of documents. Also, you can search for documents using parameters like file type and title.
  • The tracking process: Kissflow is a system that tracks the bug among numerous array of tools. It allows you to detect the errors, views their status, and assign the task to fix them. All these things can be done in a more streamlined manner.
  • Dropbox documents attachment: When a modification in a process workflows comes on Kissflow, that means you have to store your file and documents on Dropbox. You need to use Dropbox unification to keep your documents safe and secure.
  • Association features: The collaboration features in Kissflow include Digital workplace for all your work at a single platform, hiring of HR for retiring solution, predicting process and automated workflows, Procurement flows, intelligent, contextual discussions regarding work, and digitizing the school processes.
  • SaaS Integration: Kissflow is a famous simple SaaS workflow management and business process. Hence, you can develop a form, personalize the design, establish integration and move ahead. Zapier allows you connecting Kissflow to SuperSaas within the minutes and that too without a single line code.
  • Android or iPhone application: Kissflow offers a robust and powerful workflow app that assists you in swiping your approvals with your finger using its mobile application workflow. Kissflow deploys the mobile applications, Hence it supports all the android and iPhones. It is compatible with all android phones, tablets, iPhones, etc.

Above all are the features and functionalities of the Kissflow no-code application development platform. Following is a list of the application built using the Kissflow no-code application platform.

Are you a non-programmer? Possess enough designing skills? Want to be a successful citizen developer to build your own apps? Go for Kissflow and let it witness your success. Build your apps with Kissflow with no-code and without possessing the skills or knowledge about programming.

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