March Roundup: Exciting Developments in the No-Code World

Hello, NoCode enthusiasts! Welcome back to, your ultimate destination for all things NoCode. As the NoCode movement continues to gain momentum, we are constantly discovering new tools, platforms, and updates that empower citizen developers to create digital solutions without any coding expertise.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into some of the most significant developments from the world of NoCode in March 2023. From platform updates to industry collaborations, let’s explore the exciting news that is shaping the future of NoCode technology.

  • Webflow’s Powerful New E-commerce Features:

Webflow, a popular NoCode web design platform, has just introduced a set of new e-commerce features that make it even easier for citizen developers to create online stores. The latest update brings native multi-currency support, streamlined checkout processes, and advanced inventory management options, allowing users to build more sophisticated e-commerce solutions without any coding knowledge.

  • Webflow University’s New Courses

Webflow University, a leading resource for learning no-code web design and development, introduced several new courses this month. These courses focus on various aspects of no-code web design, such as advanced interactions, e-commerce functionality, and custom CSS. The courses are designed to be beginner-friendly, and will help both new and experienced no-code developers to hone their skills and create stunning, responsive websites without writing a single line of code.

  • Adalo’s App Marketplace Expansion:

Adalo, the well-known NoCode app development platform, has significantly expanded its App Marketplace in March. This expansion includes the addition of over 50 new templates and components created by the community, which can now be integrated into Adalo apps with just a few clicks. The new additions cover a wide range of industries, making it easier for citizen developers to find the perfect template for their projects.

  • Adalo’s Integration with Zapier

Adalo, a popular no-code app builder, announced its integration with Zapier this month. This partnership will allow Adalo users to connect their apps to over 3,000 other apps and services through Zapier, automating workflows and saving time. Adalo developers can now trigger events in other apps, such as sending emails or creating calendar events, simply by configuring their Adalo app’s actions to connect with Zapier

  • Bubble x Integromat Partnership:

Bubble, a leading NoCode platform for creating web apps, has announced its partnership with Integromat, a powerful automation tool that helps users connect apps and services without writing any code. With this collaboration, Bubble users can now build robust automations by connecting their web apps with hundreds of other services via Integromat’s easy-to-use interface.

  •’s Major Platform Update, one of the most popular no-code app development platforms, rolled out a major update this month. This update includes a sleek new user interface, performance improvements, and several new features to streamline the app development process. now offers native support for geolocation, custom font integration, and advanced filtering options in their visual database. These enhancements will make it even easier for citizen developers to build powerful, feature-rich applications without needing any coding experience.

  • NoCode Hackathon Success Stories:

The Global NoCode Hackathon, held in March 2023, saw some fantastic creations built by citizen developers from around the world. Among the winning projects were an AI-driven language learning app, a decentralized crowdfunding platform, and a smart home management system. These innovative solutions showcase the limitless potential of NoCode technologies, inspiring a new generation of creators.

  • No-Code Conference 2023

The No-Code Conference 2023 took place in March, attracting thousands of developers, entrepreneurs, and no-code enthusiasts from around the world. The three-day event featured insightful keynotes from industry leaders, workshops, and panel discussions, covering various aspects of no-code development. The conference highlighted the growing importance of no-code tools in democratizing technology, enabling non-technical users to create and innovate without traditional coding expertise.

  • OutSystems 12: The Future of Enterprise NoCode Development:

OutSystems, a prominent low-code platform for enterprise app development, has released its latest version, OutSystems 12. This update brings a host of new features, including enhanced UI/UX design capabilities, improved performance, and advanced security measures. OutSystems 12 promises to further empower citizen developers within the enterprise to build sophisticated, secure, and scalable applications.

  • Glide’s New Template Marketplace

Glide, a no-code platform for creating mobile apps, unveiled its new template marketplace in March. This marketplace offers a wide range of professionally designed templates that can be customized to create unique, feature-rich apps. Users can browse through categories such as e-commerce, project management, and event planning to find a template that meets their needs. With the new template marketplace, Glide aims to make app development even more accessible and efficient for no-code developers.


The NoCode movement is showing no signs of slowing down, with March 2023 being a particularly exciting month for the community. As new platforms, features, and collaborations emerge, citizen developers are finding it easier than ever to bring their ideas to life without the need for traditional coding skills.

Stay tuned to for more updates, tutorials, and news from the world of NoCode. Whether you’re an experienced NoCode developer or just starting on your journey, our mission is to keep you informed and inspired. Happy NoCoding!