Quest (

The Better way to build your frontend.

Generate React components with clean, extendable code. Build and iterate on your products faster than ever.

Create clean and efficient code

Not only human readable, Quest-generated code is extendable to add your custom modules or business logic — as if you hand-coded it.

Ensure consistency across your team

Lower technical debt in your frontend as every line of code has a purpose.

Free up bandwidth for your developers

Instead of tweaking the UI constantly, your developers can focus more on your core product or business logic

Start small

Build one component and add it to your app. If you like how it works, you can build more. You don’t have to switch your entire app at once.

No vendor lock-in

You export the code components you generate, so you’re not locked-in.

You own your code & your IP

You own whatever you build. It’s yours to do what you want.

The low-code movement is helping companies of all sizes remove redundant work. Quest enables you to build software products faster and go to market faster than ever.

Build React Apps faster than ever

Build as fast as your designer can envision them, with clean and efficient code — as if you hand-coded them.

Build with the tools you love

Simply bring your custom Figma designs and design system and generate React components based on Material UI automatically.

Generate custom React components

Create fully functional custom components based on your own Figma designs. Create states using variants. Set up props & bindings and export clean React code.

Get started with 100+ React Components made in Figma.

Export clean code

Clean and efficient code — as if it was hand-coded by a developer. Generated code is production-ready and can be immediately deployed using your existing CI/CD pipeline. Export as either Javascript or Typescript.

Iterate rapidly

Your designers and developers can iterate independently. Quest seamlessly brings it all together without any conflicts. For example, if your designer has 3 different ideas for variations, they can build all 3 without any developer involvement.

How does it work?

Convert custom Figma designs into beautiful React code and go to market faster than ever thought possible.

Sync your Material UI based design system and copy paste the MUI Components in to your custom designs.

Export your Figma components with the Quest plugin for Figma into the Quest web app.

Add props, bindings & features inside the Quest web app

Export your component or entire React app(CRA or Next.js) & get clean code as good as a top-notch developer would write.

Better than hand-coded

Generate code that’s clean and efficient, and as good or better than hand-coded.

Iterate until it’s right

By removing the back and forth between designer and developer, you can ship high-quality designs faster.

Pixel perfect

Build exactly what your designer envisions with pixel-perfect conversion of your Figma designs.


Customize your Material UI based design system

Completely & easily style Material UI components in Figma based on our Quest Design Kit. Design custom components using the design system to export React code.


  1. Convert custom Figma designs into React
  2. Fully customize your Design System in Figma
  3. Export Figma to see how the working React component will look
  4. Support for props, bindings & features
  5. Resync design without losing features, props or bindings
  6. Create states using variants in Figma
  7. Support for styled components and emotion
  8. Conditional bindings
  9. Support for nested components
  10. Lists, Dialogs and Popovers

Full support for MUI components & bindings

Convert your design into a launch ready website

Design what you want and automatically bring pixel-perfect, responsive sites to life.

Design without limits

Generate code that’s clean and efficient, and as good or better than hand-coded.

Export to code

By removing the back and forth between designer and developer, your product will no longer be just “good enough”.

Launch and done

Build exactly what your designer envisions with pixel-perfect conversion of your Figma designs.

Bring in your designs

Design like you do today using frames in Figma.

Design responsively

Quest creates break-points automatically so your experience works as expected on any screen size.


Set up click, tap, mouse-over, mouse-out, etc. to build anything you want.


Create animations easily to build a delightful experience for your users.

Custom Fonts

Add your custom fonts to create something unique.


Reusable components to help you build fast across the team.

SFX & Music

Build an immersive experience for your audience.


Embed video easily to create an engaging experience.

Scroll Effects

Set up parallax scrolling and trigger special effects on scroll.

Custom Domain

Launch fast with your own custom domain.

A/B testing

Creating a variant of a page is as easy as importing a new design document.

Custom Forms

Easily set up custom designed forms for customers to provide input or contact you.

Connect to CRM

Save customer data to CRM tools like HubSpot, Mailchimp, Salesforce, etc.

SEO Friendly

Score high on SEO with easy setup and detailed controls.

Fast Page Loads

Optimized pages that load fast for best customer experience and high page ranking.

Custom Code & APIs

Use custom libraries or write your own code to build exactly what you want.

Custom CSS

Add custom CSS for more control on your customer experience.

HTML Snippets

Build custom elements and interactions using HTML snippets.


Build custom elements and interactions using HTML snippets into an iFrame.

Team Version Control

Automatic versioning and roll-back means worry-free team collaboration.


Easily secure your site and data with SSL.

Pricing of Build React Apps with Quest.

They have 2 plans

  1. Components – Pro – 49$ per month
  2. Components – Team – 79$ per month

Pricing of Build Marketing HTML webpages with Quest.

They have 2 plans

  1. Webpages – Personal – 15$ per month
  2. Webpages – Pro – 50$ per month

We could not get hands on product as even for trial they are asking to enter for credit card. So we are not sure how exactly the product works.