BETTY BLOCKS NoCode Platform

BETTY BLOCKS NoCode Platform is a trending no-code application development platform. However, it assists non-programmers too to develop their apps with a non-technical background. Betty Blocks is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) that has claimed as the “first absolute no-code platform” that uses visual modeling.

BETTY BLOCKS NoCode Platform has a user interface with flexible that adapts to the different development stages and maintenance. Besides Blocks Store is the newest version that allows you to install pre-setup and entirely functional blocks. Additionally, s enables you to connect with well-known web services such as Stripe, Mailchimp, and other API unification external systems.

BETTY BLOCKS NoCode Platform allows you to access the Blocks Store under the tool developers for rapid building, market, and high-quality development. It does not mean that the IT team is excessively using these PaaS services. In addition to this, no-code users are able to leverage the platform for realizing their ideas and bring them for function.

When the team is not fine or secure, it leverages the platform. This allows business users to take lead in application development. It also ensures adoption with their particular needs and requirements.

Betty Blocks allows you to develop three types of applications viz., Web applications, back-office (database), and mobile applications. Furthermore, all the applications are hosted and run on the cloud of Betty Blocks.

Like other no-code application development platforms, Betty Blocks to possesses many features.


Flexible User Interface

Betty Blocks possesses a pliable User interface that allows you to design and develop beautiful yet robust applications for your business. Its flexibility allows you to create apps according to your needs and expectations.

SMB back office

The Betty Blocks has a great back office to develop grids easily and building forms for the models of the application. The back office looks after the management of your data in the applications. Betty Blocks provides you with a custom back office that administers data of your applications.

Digital innovating Platform

Betty Blocks provide you digital as well as an innovative platform that allows you to innovate your app according to your need. Betty Blocks allows you the digital transformation in your app.

Mobile application development

You can build attractive and useful mobile applications for boosting your business. Betty Blocks develop the applications that compatible with any mobile phone, tablet, etc.

CRM application

Betty Blocks empowers you to improve your CRM or personalizing any tool easily by using its custom CRM application. The reason behind this is it does not require coding to build apps with Betty Blocks. Betty Blocks’ web services and custom models help you to develop Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration in the application of Betty Blocks.

Project Management

As one of the leading no-code platform, Betty Blocks allows users to develop current or customized web services applications. You can build applications related to the case management system. You can work with a browser and add additional data to a particular project.

Self-service portal

Betty Blocks provide you branded self-service portal that allows you to reduce the application deployment time. It includes Pages, Models, and Actions in a single building block. Betty Blocks offers you a reliable and branded self-service for boosting the business. Possessing a reliable and branded self-service portal for your customers that can assist them to reduce and save the deployment time. They will be able to build and get their apps on their own. The first user of no-code for developing the first self-service portal is Snijder Incasso.

Making IT efficient again

 As no-code platforms have emerged on a large scale, it does not mean that professional programmers should be discouraged. They will not lose their jobs. On the other side, no-code development brings the excitement back in IT. The major factor in the no-code era is the knowledge required to become a citizen developer. This is because of the assurance needed to guarantee that IT proper governance, security and full-time support for citizen developers.

Makes business self-sufficient

Betty Blocks empowers business users to develop apps on their own. A no-code platform allows enterprises to be more self-sufficient. The business users (Citizen developers) may begin to experiment with the appropriate solution for their own instead of putting IT’s a long waiting list.

Develop high-quality organization-grade applications

Betty Blocks has a close collaboration with IT. It provides no-code platforms to support traditional coding as well. Business users and IT professionals can develop more self-sufficient and complex enterprise-grade applications possessing large business value. IT can get better alignment using the building blocks of Betty Blocks.

Debugging and bare

Betty Blocks allows debugging for making bare minimum. Most of the coders like to spend most of their time working on it. They are occupied with routine maintenance tasks of debugging to fix the security threats, applying software within their code written by the parties.

Reduces the risk of shadow IT

Shadow IT is the risk that is run without monitoring developing activities outside of IT departments. Regular employees may configure their own servers. It also allows you to store sensible and confidential data on their individual cloud accounts. A no-code platform prevents runway software from messing of all the activities and looks after the activities are centrally governed by the Department of IT.

No code requirement

Betty Blocks is designed for both programmers as well as non-programmers. A person without any technical background or coding skills can build an attractive yet efficient application for their business on their own. No need to assign separate programming professionally for building applications.

Finally, These are the most significant features of the Betty Blocks application development platform that helps business users or citizen developers to boost their business by creating the apps for themselves according to their needs and expectations. They are able to save their money, time and energy required to appoint the other person to create their apps.

Here are some of the examples of applications built using Betty Blocks application development platforms. Hence there is no problem to go for Betty Blocks application development platforms if you are thinking of becoming a successful citizen developer. Try Betty Blocks once and let it witness your success!

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