Zoho Creator LowCode Platform

Zoho Creator LowCode Platform is a cloud-based software development platform to develop custom applications. However, you can build them on your own that too without any previous coding experience or IT proficiency.

Zoho Creator LowCode Platform possesses a drag-and-drop user interface that allows you to build business applications. However, it takes days instead of taking the weeks. No more time is required to develop business applications for your businesses.

Zoho Creator LowCode Platform has the feature on online app building tool. However, you are able to develop businesses in particular web tools. Besides, you can get a wide array of personalization tools, involving an intuitive and simple to use components. Additionally, you can develop applications for the collection of data, designing personal overflows, and configuration of exclusive rules. The enormous host of tools and featured rich application development with a user-friendly to those who know little or no coding.

Zoho Creator empowers you to develop organization class applications for mobile devices like tablets, web, and mobile. However, you can build custom forms, set up workflows, informative pages, and applications within the minutes. Additionally, you can test its logistics, order management, and endless possibilities. In short, Zoho supports all size businesses for managing their data. Additionally, it allows you to access the data any time from anywhere.

Let us move further to the significant features and functionalities of the Zoho Creator low-code application development platform.


User interface

Like other platforms, Zoho Creator possesses simple drag-and-drop components. However, these allow you to design, develop, and deploy the applications easily and rapidly without any coding. In short, you can become a developer with little or no prior experience and knowledge about coding.

Workflow builder

Zoho Creator allows you to build the automated workflow processes. This can be done because of the ability of the Zoho Creator to provide a fully automated environment. Hence, it grants you a robust workflow builder for your applications. Additionally, this automated workflow builder helps you to reduce the manual efforts along with the data entry.

Notifications and alerts

This feature grants you the ability to receive reminders and notifications for each and every task pending or completed in your applications. How ever, you can get alerts every time when any modification occurs in your applications. This helps you to understand your application in a better way. Along with this, you can accomplish all the tasks without missing any event or activity of your application.

Dashboards and reports

Zoho Creator allows you to build custom reports regarding your application. However, for that, you need interactive and customizable dashboards. Additionally, you can get the tools to design your own innovative and attractive dashboards that you can customize according to your own needs.

Multiple languages support

Zoho Creator is a platform that supports more than one language while developing an application. This feature allows you to build an application with a multi-linguistic feature.

API and unification

Zoho Creator grants you the APIs for the purpose of integration. However, it allows you to unify with various workflow processes as well as platforms.

Association tools

Zoho Creator grants you various collaboration tools. However, it may involve sharing permissions, data integration, accessibility, and routing of process. Besides, these tools help you to collaborate and associate with different workflow processes as well as platforms.

Consumer portal

You get a separate customer portal that allows you to get facilitated with the self-service. This portal allows you to handle your activities on your own terms without the intervention of the developer.

Application development

Zoho Creator has the ability to build almost every type of application. However, it may include web applications, mobile applications, native applications, workflow-based, and cloud-based applications. Additionally, it grants you the freedom to use any kind of cloud service to deploy your applications.

Data security

You can encrypt your sensitive data and information using Zoho Creator. This allows you to protect your data from unauthorized and unauthenticated user access. Along with this, Zoho Creator provides you a specific form of firewall that protects your data and application from third-parties.


You can raise the scalability of your application with the Zoho Creator. In the end, you can get a highly scaled and efficient application.

Real-time process monitoring

This helps you to monitor every single activity and event in your applications. However, it helps you to know and understand your application in a better way.

Development tools

Zoho Creator provides you with the tools essential to develop the applications. However, it may include tools to write code, edit code, syntax writing, debug, and utilization of the infrastructures. In short, these tools are capable enough to develop applications with proper efficiency and reliability.

Development environment

As already told, Zoho Creator grants you a fully automated environment. However, it allows you to build automated workflow processes. Additionally, it provides tools for tracking progress, sharing the codes as well as shipping of the software system.


You can test the abilities and functionalities of the software using this feature. However, Zoho Creator allows you to detect the problems and issues in your applications. Along with this, you can resolve them in order to make your system work smoothly.

Life-cycle management

Zoho Creator grants you the ability to administer the life-cycle of an application throughout the development process. This makes it easier for you to keep an eye on every activity taking place in your applications. As a result, you will get an entire and full-featured application in the end with the Zoho Creator. Additionally, you can get a post-deployment service that allows you to resolve issues until the deactivation of your application.

So, above all are the features and qualities of the Zoho Creator low-code application development platform. Furthermore, you can get a list of applications created using the Zoho Creator low-code application development platform.

Finally, Zoho Creator is always happy to serve you if you are wishing to be a successful citizen developer. In short, you need not have to possess programming skills. You can develop the applications for your business or organizations on your own. No need to appoint a separate individual programmer to build your applications.

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