NoCode Platform MENDIX

NoCode Platform MENDIX is a no-code application development platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). It is mainly used for social and mobile extensions. In August 2018, Siemens seized the Mendix. Mendix is a pedestal of enhancement for all the organizations. It is one of the prominent application development platforms all over the world.

NoCode Platform MENDIX is used as an IT management application that assists institutions; government organizations and agencies accomplish their digital intentions. Every enterprise requires digitizing internal activities. With the help of this, they can achieve their targets in a simple, rapid and cost-effective way. This helps them launching new digital products and services and improves the revenue of the organization.

Enterprises require to disciple their inventive ideas into the advantageous web as well as mobile applications. It assists them to accomplish with the help of 1-click deployment, fast management of a project, and visual designing. Robust web and mobile applications can be developed by even small teams in a rapid and easy way.

The vendor grants a contemporary strategic approach to application development that allows functional teams to create applications progressing your digital innovation targets and accomplishments.

Mendix technology empowers business and IT associations so that your team can work around the correct business solution. Apart from this, the cloud-native design and offering to the Cloud Foundry open source PaaS project permit open technology and standards to avoid locking your ideas into a single platform. This app builder can improve your efficiency and productivity, and maintain a portable and wide environment.

Like other platforms, Mendix also has some features that make it different from others and more reliable. If you want to be a citizen developer and looking for an application development platform, focus on the features of each platform. Let us get into the detail.

  • Expandable: Mendix is open and expandable at every level. It provides useful tools for app extensibility. Along with extensive nature, Mendix has reusable components and custom code that can be used again and again.
  • Quick and Flexible: This is one of the significant features of Mendix as it offers extensive deployment flexibility along Dockers Support. This is the only platform that grants users Dockers support, Dockers containers, and continue delivery.
  • No coding requirement: This is also a significant feature of Mendix. It is not mandatory for a person using this platform to posses the coding knowledge or skills to develop an app. The user creates things on the web without writing code accordingly.
  • Protected and guarded: Data security is managed by characterizing the data access protocol on your entities. You are able to define the viewers or modifiers of the data per entity.
  • Productive data administration system: This feature allows users to develop apps continuously. It helps to make your business more digital.
  • Adaptable execution and conversion: This is the key feature of Mendix as it executes models in run-time. A run-time environment adds an extra layer to the top of the infrastructure.
  • Portable and suitable front-end for any back-end: Mendix enables you to integrate web and mobile applications using the most common features.
  • State machine: The state machines in a Mendix shows the current status of virtual machines.
  • Supportive of backside processes: Many processes may have complicated status. So, Mendix provides support to all of such processes and reduces its complexity.
  • Organization assimilation and Security: You can unify Mendix with your current systems like Oracle,, and other platforms accessing your data where you require it. Organization grade security helps to secure data and applications.
  • Fundamental App Management: You could administer resources, set up, and applications along with one central dashboard. IT teams assure protection, maintenance, notation, and administration in one place. This makes it easy to develop and deploy an application.
  • 1-click deployment: Mendix produces the apps that can be rapidly deployed, just one click is enough. Apart from this, users are also provided with an option to utilize Mendix Cloud and their own personal place in the cloud. The software can be installed on-premise as per the requirement.
  • Visual application building: The visual and model-driven development platform enables you to develop business applications that are demand rapidly. Higher productivity can be achieved with visual modeling.
  • Social association: The social collaboration built-in functions of Mendix enhances your business and IT unification. Apart from this, you can keep track of the projects and events and gather user feedback as well.
  • Multi-device as well as multi-channel: You can give enormous experiences to your consumers through multiple devices may be mobile, desktop, tablets, or channels. It is flexible and compatible with most of the devices.
  • Open platform: Mendix is called as an open platform as it does not restrict hawker lock-ins. Users have also benefitted from pliability and full control of the system.
  • Consolidate App Management: Mendix includes users throughout the lifecycle right from the needs and demands management at the time of continuous feedback process to obvious participation in developing apps with visual models.
  • Drag-and-drop forms developer: Mendix has an important and simple feature of drag-and-drop that allows users to design their applications as per their requirements and expectation.
  • Organization Unification: Mendix is protected and highly-available to deploy strong apps at a web-scale. It is exclusively designed for supporting quick and easy development of the applications.
  • Model-Driven Building: A model-driven environment is invented to satisfy the requirements of organization and software developers involving line-of-business developers, experienced developers, and citizen developers.
  • Private and public app stores: Mendix has both public as well as private app stores through which users can obtain numerous applications as per your requirement.

These are some of the features of the MX Mendix application development platform that make it contrast from other platforms. These are the features of Mendix due to which it is counted as among the top 20 platforms.

Here you can see the list of applications developed by using the MX Mendix application development platform.

If you are seeking the right application development platform to build your apps, why don’t you try MX Mendix? So try Mendix and become one of the successful citizen developers.

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