Wavemaker LowCode Platform

Wavemaker LowCode Platform is one of the leading platforms that support RAD (Rapid Application Development). However, it allows you to develop mobile apps for organizations. Along with this, you can develop multi-device apps using enterprise-grade technology.

Wavemaker LowCode Platform is an award-winning mobile as well as web development and deployment platform. Over 67% of app builders developed applications using Wavemaker’s simple drag-and-drop components and visuals for the last 10 decades.

Wavemaker LowCode Platform enables you as a developer or a business user to carry out the tasks with standard and regulatory enterprise-grade technologies to build apps immediately. Besides, these applications can be customized or extended in an easy and efficient way.

You can deploy the applications on the cloud and on-premise framework just a single click. Beyond, it is now available as a hosted service as well as an on-premise software development platform.

Wavemaker LowCode Platform has the ability to build robust and powerful elements. However, it includes interactive charts, tables, forms, etc. Besides, you can build it from your own data model. Also, you are allowed to navigate through data and relationships.

Furthermore, Wavemaker possesses endless features and functions that make it a more reliable and efficient application development platform. Let us see those features in detail.


Modern user interface

Wavemaker grants you with a modern user interface that supports multi-channel consumption with the help of just a few clicks. As it is a just-in-time visual preview platform, you are allowed to experience the journey of your user as fast as the application is developed.


Wavemaker allows you to design at jumpstart. However, you can build applications with out-of-the-box designs. Besides, it provides you the powerful and robust widgets as well as a collection of pre-built templates and themes. All these widgets allow designing exclusive and different applications. You will get the kickstart the ideas to your applications.

Open standards

Wavemaker possesses this feature in which the user interfaces are built on the basis of open standards. However, it stacks that the app builder is obsessed about embracing and staying ahead of the technology adoption curve. Hence, this feature allows you to stay ahead of the technologies that are evolving rapidly.

Expand and personalize

Wavemaker enables you to customize and extend your user interface and applications as per your needs and requirements. You are allowed to explore the customizations of the platform. It is done via custom methods available from the infrastructures. However, you can get a final result as a fully customized application. Additionally, you can expand or extend the properties of your application that makes your application more reliable. You do not have to lock-in the platform.

Powerful authentication

Wavemaker enables you to carry out powerful and robust authentication. However, the unification with a broad range of security providers for inclusive authentication support. Additionally, it supports your application involving Single sign-in throughout the multiple applications within the organization.

Granular authorization

Wavemaker allows you to look after the granular authorization all over your application. However, you can define application or organization-wide roles and maps of the locations. This allows you to access the particular components of the applications like pages, services, and APIs.

Certified security for app

Wavemaker grants you the top 10 security compliances of the web applications for your application. However, you get a highly assured top-grade security for your application right from day one. This provides you a highly secured application development. Hence this feature adds punch to the efficiency and reliability of the Wavemaker.

Protection from vulnerability

Wavemaker allows you to design and develop the apps that are protected from the vulnerability. You are enabled to build the applications utilizing the latest open standards on the basis of the stack. This stack behaves like a battle by an ecosystem of users, app builders, and organizations. Additionally, it allows keeping track and stack up-to-date without any known vulnerabilities.

Application deployment

Wavemaker allows you to design and develop applications that are released on desktop and mobile devices. However, Wavemaker allows you to develop the cross-platforms that are compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

Customized branding

This feature allows the branding of your product or services. However, it includes creating logos, colors as well as quotes for your brand. Additionally, this feature allows you to personalize your brand according to your site.

Application templates

You can get a variety of pre-built templates provided by the Wavemaker. However, this inspires you to design and create your own templates for your applications. In short, you can either select an in-built template. Additionally, you can create your new template as per your own wishes and expectations.

Workflow automation

You can get a completely automated environment where you can build your automated workflows. This reduces the manual tasks required to develop an application. Besides, you can reduce the frequency of mistakes that would take place during the development process. Due to these reasons, Wavemaker is proven a reliable and useful application development platform.

Platform compatibility

Wavemaker is a platform that allows you to build cross-platform applications that are compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. However, Wavemaker is compatible with any device. It includes the entire desktop and mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, Android, and iOS devices.

Life-cycle management

Wavemaker allows you to manage the complete life-cycle of an application throughout the development process. However, you can monitor and keep the record of each and every activity taking place during application development. Besides, you are able to get the post-deployment service until your application is deactivated.

Hence, these are the features and functions of the Wavemaker that are very beneficial to the users and customers. Let us see some of the examples of the applications built using the Wavemaker low-code application development platform.

So, if you are thinking about becoming a successful business user, then Wavemaker is here to let you reach your goal. However, it saves time, money, and cost required to build an application using traditional programming. To become a successful business user, you do not need programming knowledge and skills.

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