Quixy NoCode Platform

Quixy is a NoCode Platform. It is cloud based Saas Platform, with Quixy you can build Enterprise ready Applications without writing single line of code. and guess what you can do it ten times faster than traditional application Development.

Quixy is next generation NoCode, an year ago solutions built on nocode were very restrictive but quixy is very advanced. Quixy has a very bright future as the founders and not leaving no stone unturned in making it completely nocode. They confidently say you don’t need any kind of technical experience to write complex business logic also. Citizen Developers (that’s what they call people who work on this platform). 
Major features in the platform are

  • Customized Dashboard
  • Global App Store
  • Workspace
  • Apps
  • Data Tables
  • Data Sources
  • Dynamic Workflow
  • Advanced Business Rules
  • Manage Users
  • Reports
  • Custom Menu
  • Advanced Integrations

Customized Dashboard

Quixy provides very easy way to create beautiful and powerful dashboards, you can add any reports (grid, charts) , shortcuts, admin panels etc with very little effort

the better thing is you can have multiple dashboards, you can create as many as you want by grouping the dashlets together. its perfect and super easy.

Global App Store

Quixy has a global appstore from where users can download the solutions which are customised for the end users. It is again super easy just view appstore click on download , it is downloaded as a workspace in your organization. The awesome part is you can customise it as per your needs.

As of now we do not see any way to get updates but i think it will help if users can keep updated with the latest features in the downloaded solutions


Workspace is a logical division of work, example HR, IT, Support, Finance etc. by separating logically quixy provides easier way of assigning roles to users and restricting them to particular workspace.


Apps are the applications which we can develop inside quixy, these are stand alone they can have their own multiple views which are customizable, each app will have its own workflow, we will explain workflow later. Citizen developer can write their own business logic using Business rules. can have various access control

Form Builder for views

Data Tables

Data Tables are the backbone for building enterprise applications, these act like virtual database to perform CRUD operations. you can write Multiple functions on it to perform transactions like

  • Get functions to retrieve data
  • Add Functions to save data
  • Update functions to update data
  • Delete functions to delete data

Data Sources

Datasources are like views in RDBMS or stored procedures you can get data from multiple datatables through joins and where conditions and again all of this is purely nocode, you dont need to write single line of code. everything is driven by GUI and DIY.

Dynamic Workflow

Quixy has very advanced workflow compared to all other nocode platforms

they have various types like

  • Sequential
  • Conditional
  • Parallel

Advanced Business Rules

With Business rules you can create any kind of business logic. they have close to 500 different types of rules which you can use to create complex applications

Manage Users

Managing of users and their roles is given mainly to admins and they can divide that responsibility to workspace level by creating workspace admins.
with simple actions admin can add / update / delete users, roles and user roles


One of the best features of quixy is to create advanced reports which are very helpful and take nocode to next level

Types of reports

  • Grid
  • Pivot
  • Bar
  • Pie
  • Line
  • Chart
  • Bar
  • Map
  • Donut
  • Complex
  • Html

Custom Menu

Enterprise level applications often needs customised menu and quixy provides that again with DIY. you can have n level custom menu

Advanced Integrations

Integrations is always tricky and needs some technical help. quixy ensured it is minimal knowledge and basically when ever we need to integrate with two different platforms its always done by some expert.

Quixy provides integrations through API, you can get data from any application which has an api in to quixy platform to any app and again can post data from quixy to any application which accepts api or has api to receive data.

They have various kinds of options to integrate and map the calls

To summarize quixy is new and bright kid in the market, you will be hearing lot of noise about them as they have come with a bang. they have lot of tricks under their sleeves to impress the crowd.

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