Voltuswave NoCode Platform

Voltuswave NoCode Platform has a feature that supports Rapid Application Development (RAD). However, this empowers business users to carry out web application development, iOS app development, and Android application development. Besides, it requires no coding. Just a few clicks are enough to drag-and-drop the components in your application.

Voltuswave NoCode Platform empowers and accelerates the digital transformation. However, it allows you to develop smart and innovative designs for your application. Besides, you can yield real-time business analytics with out-of-box unifications.

Voltuswave NoCode Platform possesses the quality to build your business apps without traditional programming. Also, you get the bullet-proof framework to protect your application data and information from unauthorized access.

Voltuswave NoCode Platform grants you with strong and robust insights that help you to improve the performance and efficiency of your application. Along with this, it provides you powerful APIs for custom unifications. This facility by Voltuswave proves to be advantageous to your customers and users.

Voltuswave NoCode Platform allows you to create apps for ioS, web as well as Android. In addition to this, you will get all the benefits and facilities at affordable prices. It means it follows the optimization principle.

Let us move to the features and functions of the Voltuswave no-code application development platform. After reading this, you’ ll get the idea about the exclusiveness and the reliability of the Voltuswave no-code application development platform.


Customized applications

You can build highly customized and entirely automated mobile applications for various mobile devices. However, it may include iOS, Android, tablets, smartphones, and more.

Drag-and-drop UI

This is one of the main and significant feature that allows you to design simple yet attractive and robust applications. However, you can design it in just a few clicks. All you need to just drag-and-drop the components provided by the Voltuswave no-code application development platform.

No Coding

As the name itself indicates, it does not require code or traditionally programming to develop the applications. However, it is not mandatory for users to possess the knowledge and skills regarding the coding. Hence, you can build the applications for your business on your own.

Cloud agnostic

This is the most helpful and useful feature among all the features of the Voltuswave. In this, you can choose any cloud service of your choice to deploy your applications. As it grants you the freedom to select the cloud service, you can develop and deploy more efficient applications due to this pliability.

Speed and agility

You are allowed to build more secure, scalable, and effective applications with the Voltuswave. However, it enables you to increase your speed and enhance your agility while developing and deploying your applications.


Voltuswave possesses the ability to get itself adapted to the most unique processes. However, this is because you can develop applications that are customizable and can be personalized anytime.


Voltuswave grants you with a social login facility that makes your system fully authenticated. However, it is also called”single sign-on” technology. This feature will allow only authenticated users to enter your application.

Digital signature

This feature of Voltuswave significantly drops down the operating costs when providing a rapid and convenient method for their consumers. However, it includes the sign and sending of transactional documents. Besides, it has the ability to produce, send, sign as well as administer deployment documents to your consumers digitally. The enterprises and organizations are allowed to make a way to e-signature globally. This is very useful to streamline your business process, enhance security, and efficiency.


This feature allows you to design the value-based, workflow-based, and cloud-based forms regarding your applications. However, a few clicks would be much enough to build those forms and that too without coding. As already told about simple drag-and-drop components, you need not have to write a code for building these forms and applications.


Voltuswave possesses many pre-built templates that are helpful while doing surveys of your applications. This feature helps you get to know in deep your application.


The Content Management System of the Voltuswave is a self-service system. However, it gives you the freedom to manage and carry out all the activities as per your needs and requirements. However, you can utilize this CMS to manage the content of your application.


The Document Management System of the Voltuswave allows you to smoothly manage the documentation of your applications. Besides, it helps you to keep the record by maintaining the log of the activities carried out in your system.

Application development

There are two types of applications that you can build using the Voltuswave no-code application development platform. However, it includes web applications and mobile applications that are accessible and compatible with desktop as well as mobile devices.

Chat Bots

This feature grants you a robust Bot infrastructure in your application. However, this framework allows you to develop and manage intelligent bots. These chatbots assist you in administering the overall activities of the other bots intelligently.


Voltuswave grants you the facility to build your calendar and schedule containing the activities and tasks regarding to your application. However, this calendar API is scalable enough for your application.

Analytics and insights

Voltuswave possesses a special kind of an analytics engine that allows you to carry out the analysis of your application. However, it enables you to get a detailed analysis and insights of your application.

Workflow engine

Voltuswave has a robust workflow engine that helps you to develop strong and powerful yet efficient web and mobile applications. However, it provides you with an automated environment that helps you build automated workflows.

Last but not least, these are the features and functionalities of the Voltuswave no-code application development platform. From this, you will definitely come to know about the direction to choose while starting your career as a citizen developer.

These are the things you can consider while looking for an application development platform to build your own business applications. So just pull up your socks and get ready to work with the Voltuswave to walk towards the success.

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