Dashboards capabilities in top 20 nocode platforms

Before moving to the “Dashboards capabilities in top 20 nocode platforms”, let us have a quick look on the basic information about Dashboard.

What is a dashboard?

The dashboard is nothing but a significant entity of every application that enables you to connect data from various sources, systems, application as well as departments. However, it helps you to recognize trends, finding out correlations, and make business decisions in a better way.

This is basic information about a dashboard. Now let us move into the detailed information about dashboards capabilities in the top 20 nocode platforms.

1. Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is basically a no-code application development platform that enables you to build applications on your own without coding. Basically, there are three main elements in the dashboard. It includes Forms, Reports, and Pages together built the dashboard section. Additionally, you can publish, share, access, or delete any particular form, report, or page in the dashboard.

Zoho Creator provides you with an Ultra-easy dashboard that offers many functionalities while creating the dashboard. Zoho Creator possesses a custom page builder that helps you to take your dashboard to the next level. Here are some of the features regarding the dashboard in Zoho Creator.

No code needed

No code is essential to build your dashboard. However, it provides you simple drag-and-drop components that allow you to build the dashboard without doing any code.

Pre-built templates

Zoho Creator possesses pre-built templates that can be used to design your dashboard. However, you get a wide range of pre-built templates from which you can choose the template you like.

Bar graphs, pie charts

You can build a complete dashboard that includes bar graphs, pie charts, and more.

Customizable dashboard

However, you can easily customize your data in the dashboard according to your needs and requirements. Additionally, you can create the data that narrates your story as per your expectations.

Unique data creation

As your business is exclusive and unique, the data created should be unique too. Hence, Zoho Creator allows you to create unique data for your application dashboard.

These are some of the features of the dashboards in Zoho Creators no-code application development platform. For further information, you can visit dashboards in Zoho Creator.

2. Airtable

Airtable is a no-code platform that blends the features of a database in the spreadsheet format. However, it gives the power of knowing the latest trending updates related to their business. This can be done by visualizing data in different ways.

Furthermore, Airtable possesses organized databases that gives quick access to custom dashboards. Additionally, it displays real-time metrics and analytics. Here are some of the features related to the dashboards in Airtable.

  • Geocode and Map
  • Bar, scatter charts, and line
  • Page designer feature
  • Org Chart

These are some features and components provided by the Airtable no-code application development platform. Apart from this, the Airtable dashboard grants you access to the client information as below.

  • KPIs for entirely remote team
  • On-boarding deliverable entities from clients
  • Contact patterns and response percentages

Business users and teams utilize the Airtable dashboards to work in a smarter way that helps you to make the smarter and efficient decisions.

  • Weekly performance report of the KPIs of the employees
  • Keeping a track record of the number of pitches sent out by each employee on a weekly basis
  • measure timelines of the on-boarding process and deliverables of the clients in days or week formats

For getting more information, visit Dashboards in theAirtable no-code application development platform.

3. Zapier

Zapier is basically a no-code platform that allows you to automate your tasks in the applications. However, you can pull the data completely into the latest trending line graph on a dashboard.

Furthermore, Zapier provides an insight library for a dashboard that helps you to access the hundreds of applications. Additionally, you can track your entire significant and prime KPIs across numerous applications using Zapier and Daseroo.

Zapier makes insights available to you. However, it includes:

Line Chart

Area Chart

For more information, click on Dashboards in Zapier no-code application platform.

4. Drona HQ

Drona HQ is basically a no-code application development platform that possesses an integrated dashboard. However, this unified dashboard gives the entire key data with a single view that can help you to reach your business at the peak of success.

There are some key benefits of the unified dashboard of Drona HQ no-code application development platform.

  • Summarization of the real-time data
  • Representing the real-time data graphically
  • Detailed reports for multi-level processes
  • Enhanced productivity along with accessing the information faster
  • Ability to make more effective and informative decisions on the basis of the business intelligence
  • Instant visibility to the entire systems
  • Instant result based on the current trends

So, these were the features of the dashboards in the Drona HQ no-code platform. You can visit Dashboards in Drona HQ no-code application development platform.

5. Ninox

Ninox is basically a low-code platform database and application development platform. However, it empowers your entire team to build custom applications quickly and easily.

Furthermore, the dashboard allows you to notice the helpful summaries and extra information about the data present in your application. Additionally, Ninox possesses the embedded chart features in a combination with embedding tables. This feature allows you to build a good looking and attractive dashboard in the Ninox no-code application development platform.

For detailed information, visit Dashboards in Ninox no-code application development platform.

6. Nintex

Nintex is a cloud-based no-code application development platform. However, the dashboards in Nintex applications can easily browse the saved workflow processes. Besides, it runs and completes the instances, tasks, connections as well as custom connectors. These custom connectors are built using the Xtensions in Nintex.

Dashboards in Nintex offers you the visibility in your workflow processes across the entire data sources. By using the lens dashboard, you can easily forecast the expected usage and yield financial handle. Additionally, you can track the performance metrics in your applications.

For detailed information, visit dashboards in Nintex no-code application development platform.

7. Stencyl

Stencyl is basically a game application builder for mobile as well as desktop devices. However, the dashboard in Stencyl possesses a control center where you can find the entire resources of your game application. It may include scenes, actors, or other resources that work with over the game application development process.

You can easily become familiar with your dashboard by clicking on the Actor Types heading as well as the scenes having one digit next to them. This helps a lot to know about the dashboard and have a glance that resources in a game that is under development.

For more information, click dashboards in Stencyl no-code application development platform.

8. Retool

Retool is a no-code platform that helps you to build the applications in an easier and quicker way. Basically, it is an all-in-one tool view for your entire PR activities. However, you can see the blocked PR on your review that is not assigned to the reviewer. Hence, be ready to merge.

Retool has a home-grown version of a dashboard that is used as an internal component at the stripe. Besides, you can easily establish communication with your KPIs and metrics with your dashboards.

The dashboards in Retool is very beneficial for your users and customers.

  • Informed and quick decisions
  • Effective communication between KPIs, metrics, and dashboards
  • Supportive to any database, SQL, and APIs

For more information, you can visit dashboards in Retool no-code application development platform.

9. Kintone

Kintone possesses enormous and out-of-the-box functionality in dashboards. However, it has a special dashboard named KrewDashboard that enables you to acquire the data across multiple applications of the Kintone. Besides, it helps you to visualize the data from multi number applications without writing any code, Additionally, it supports a swift status check and analytics for making quick and smarter decisions.

Kintone allows you to visualize the data from many applications with the help of informative charts as well as pivot tables.

Features of the KrewDashboard

  • Transformation of data into an organized pattern of charts and pivot tables
  • Additional capacity to hold multiple charts
  • User-defined filters to categorize the data
  • Cross-filter multi-chart capability
  • Additional fields for calculation
  • Drill-down feature to add the relevant data
  • Exporting data from the dashboards

For more information, visit dashboards in Kintone no-code application development platform.

10. BettyBlocks

BettyBlocks is basically a no-code application development platform. However, you can build and deliver the applications for your own business or organization without a help of a technical person.

Furthermore, BettyBlocks allows you to build stylish and attractive dashboards for your applications. However, the integration of BettyBlocks with Kumulos helps you to get the innovative analytics as well as reporting that is presented through its dashboard.

Additionally, it allows you to unlock the most efficient features and functionality for your application. However, this functionality allows you to build geofences that helps you to run strong and robust insight analytics and build stylish dashboards.

For more information, you can visit dashboards in BettyBlocks no-code application development platform.

11. Salesforce Lightning

The dashboards in Salesforce are basically a nifty way of visualizing the reports. However, it provides you the components that help you to view your currently existing reports one-by-one in the form. This form includes various charts, metrics, and graphs. Additionally, it enables you to make informed and quick decisions that save you time.

Salesforce possesses a dynamic dashboard for sales as well as managers and VP. Dynamic dashboards enable the user to run the logged-in user. However, a user can see the dashboard according to his or her level of access.

For more information, visit dashboards in Salesforce Lightning no-code application development platform.

12. Bubble

Bubble provides the ability to build the dashboards without coding. However, it allows you to create stylish dashboards for your applications that are very innovative and informative. Besides, it possesses some features that are given below.

  • Fully responsive to your applications
  • A highly converting home page with automation and auto scrolling drop-down
  • Retina-display possessing three packed elements viz., SVG icons, navigation tabs, and pricing tables for your applications
  • Mobile navigation along with responsive and sliding sidebar
  • Lifetime updates and latest news regarding the element packs

For detailed information, you can visit dashboards in Bubble no-code application development platform.

13. AppSheet

AppSheet is a no-code application development platform that allows you to build the adjustable and customizable dashboards. However, you have to make sure that “interactive mode” is enabled during building the dashboards.

Furthermore, the views will change dynamically as you select the items from similar or related tables. However. the dashboards included recently enables you to customize the layout of your dashboards.

For more information, you can visit, dashboards in AppSheet no-code application development platform.

14. Kissflow

Kissflow is a no-code application development platform that enables you to build your applications on your own without writing any programming code. However, the Kissflow dashboard allows you to get real-time information for every process. This real-time information is presented in an understandable and summary format for your user.

Features of the Kissflow dashboard

  • Coordination among activities
  • Enhanced data visibility feature
  • Actionable analytics
  • Resource allocating widget
  • Status of task
  • Tracking of milestone reports
  • Progress and status reports
  • Visualization of analytics in a proper manner
  • Performance tracking
  • E-compassing
  • The clarity for data highlighting

For more information, visit dashboards in Kissflow no-code application development platform.

15. Appian

Appian is a platform that develops the applications using the no-code technology. However, it provides you two types of dashboards listed below.

  1. Agent dashboard
  2. Manager dashboard

You can modify them both as per your needs and requirements. That is, it grants you the fully customizable dashboard for your application. There are some features of Appian dashboard given below.

  • Real-time data monitoring and queue data
  • Easy retrieval of data
  • Display metrics
  • Addition of extra queue

For more information in detail, you can visit dashboards in Appian no-code application development platform.

16. Mendix

Mendix is basically a no-code associative application development platform designed for the web as well as mobile application development. However, it allows you to collaborate with your business and IT users in order to foster innovation and speedy development. Besides, it supports mobile and desktop devices.

Mendix provides you with APM (Application Performance Monitoring) dashboard for your applications. However, this dashboard shows recent information regarding the various tools provided by Mendix. It includes the following.

  • Statistics tool
  • Measurements tool
  • Trapping tool
  • Logging tool

You can select any tool you need from the menu given on the left-hand side of the page. For more information, visit dashboards in Mendix no-code application development platform.

17. Quick Base

Quick Base is a no-code platform that enables you to create and build the interactive dashboards online. However, they are easily sync with reports across the data of applications.

Furthermore, Quick Base allows you to build two types of dashboards viz., custom dashboards and dynamic dashboards. Besides, theses dashboards possesses some features.

  • Role-specific
  • Unified data
  • Reporting tools

For getting more information, visit dashboards in the Quick Base no-code application development platform.

18. Outsystems

Outsystems is a no-code application development platform that has the Pordata that provides you various facilities to develop the dashboards. These features can be used while creating dashboards.

pordata dashboard
  • A wide and extensive set of widgets that contains various types of widgets
  • Visualization and aggregation of data
  • A robust library of charts
  • Open-frame architecture that helps you to incorporate the HTML, CSS, or JavaScript reporting widget
  • Exporting to Excel and PDF
Pordata dashboards

For more information, you can visit dashboards in Outsystems no-code application development platform.

19. Quixy

Quixy is a no-code platform that allows you to build your own applications using the no-code technology. However, you are able to build your own dashboards easily and quickly as well as customize it in your own way.

Every individual can easily create as well as configure their dashboard in their own way using Quixy. However, it includes choosing the data, reports, and charts. You can see them as you login in your system and get the control over your work.

Basically, dashboards make the announcements easily accessible to you. Besides, it also provides easy access to repositories, data performance, tasks pending, shortcuts, and more.

For more information, visit dashboards in Quixy no-code application development platform.

20. ServiceNow

Dashboard in ServiceNow allows you to display many performance insights, reporting, and other various widgets on one screen. However, you can develop and create a story along with the data that can be shared with multiple users.

Furthermore, dashboards grant you a graphical representation and view of your performance trends and real-time outcomes. Besides, it allows you as an executive or a business user to make informed decisions quickly. Its insights provide you the flexible and interactive dashboards in order to get performance clarity by visualization and customization.

Additionally, you are allowed to show your dashboards in any one category. However, it selects the recently visited category by default in the dashboard overview. It includes the following activities.

  • Recent nine dashboard visited
  • Owned by you
  • Shared with you
  • All the dashboards

For more information, visit dashboards in ServiceNow no-code application development platform.

Finally. this were some dashboards capabilities in top 20 no-code application development platform.

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