NoCode Platform NoCode Platform enables you to build the chatbots for your own website or an application. However, you are allowed to create the chatbots on the basis of a conversational user interface. Besides, it allows you to improve the engagement levels and conversion rates. Additionally, the Landbot allows you to converse live with your users on the website. NoCode Platform helps the small businesses that are seeking or collecting more information. However, you can introduce new products or services, surveys, FAQ, and more for your consumers and users. Additionally, allows you to automate your business on your landing pages. NoCode Platform allows your landing pages space to introduce and promote new products and services for your websites. However, engagement is the key element of every successful product or service website. Hence, enables you to build the Chatbots that help you to get more conversions along with increase in sales and engagement. NoCode Platform is basically a live conversation tool for the website. This helps to communicate with your customer’s live and directly. However, the conversational user interface of the increases your engagement with your audience. So, no need to use the natural language or Machine learning for it. Finally, you can get better results as an output. no-code application development platform has numerous features and functionalities that make them more reliable and efficient. Also, unique and different from others. So let us move to the features and functions of the no-code application development platform.


Integration has the ability to integrate with various workflow processes as well as the platforms. Some of the platforms are Salesforce, Zapier, Google Analytics, SendGrid, and more.

Automated data collection

With, you can collect the data from various sources automatically. However, it provides you with an automated environment to collect the data. Hence, it reduces the manual efforts that are required to collect the data and information.

Analytics allows you to get in-depth insights and analytics regarding your website. However, this detailed insights allow you to make improvements to your websites. In short, you can get full proof and efficient websites as an outcome.

Arrangement enables you to arrange the entire elements in your websites in proper order. However, you can sort them according to your needs and requirements. This sorting of elements allows you to get them easily and immediately without delay.

Payment methods allows you to make the bot payments easily and efficiently. However, along with ease and comfort, you will also get safe and secure payment options. Hence, you get the easiest payment methods for your bots built for your websites.

Alerts and notifications

This feature by the allows you to receive alert or notification when any change or event occurs in your websites. However, it allows you to know and understand your website in-depth.

No code allows you to build the chatbots for your website without the prior experience or any technical background. Hence, anyone being non-professional programmer can easily build the bots. In short, no coding skills, knowledge, or prior experience is required to build the bots for your websites.

Countless opportunities

While building or after building the chatbots, you get to face many opportunities. However, countless opportunities knock your door during the creation of the chatbots.

Live chat allows you to chat and communicate live on your website. However, this enables you to connect directly with your customers. Besides, you can directly know and resolve the customer problems by the live chat. Additionally, it enables you to modify and improve the performance of your applications by meeting the customers’ needs and requirements.

Landing pages

You can build the landing pages for your applications easily as it is an essential and important part of every website. However, you can build these pages easily without coding and as per your needs and requirements.

Measurement of success

As everyone knows, it is very important to measure the success of the application or a website you build. Hence allows you to measure and assess the performance as well as the progress of your websites. As a result, you can measure the quantity of your success easily.

Testing allows you to test your web application at every step. However, you can check the chatbot at every step of the development process. This helps you to detect and eliminate the errors in the chatbot. In short, you can build an error-free chatbot for your websites.

Lead generation

This is one of the significant as well as essential features that every platform should possess. However, allows you to increase the leads and conversions for your product or service. Hence, it increases your sales. In short, it supports your lead generation activity.

Pre-built bots possesses the pre-built bots that are already configured. However, you can use theses in-built bots or create your new one. Also, it inspires you and gets you the ideas that can be implemented to build a new bot.

Tracking of data allows you to track the data on your website so that you can improve the performance of your website or application. However, tracking the data of your websites enables you to track the progress and improvement of your application.

Optimization allows you to optimize the time, cost as well as resources required to develop and build the chatbots for your websites. However, you can collect the resources from various sources and keep them in one place. This helps you to find the data regarding the sources easily without any delay.

At last, these are the features and functionalities of the no-code application development platform. Let us try to get some more information and applications built using the no-code application development platform.

Hence, you can choose the as your one of the efficient no-code chatbot builder. This allows you to build your own chatbots for your applications on your own. No need to assign or hire a professional developer for it.

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