10X more productive with no-code backend

We have lot of NoCode tools with which we can build Mobile apps and Web apps, but DoTenx mainly concentrates on building Apis.

With DoTenX we can build the single powerful and scalable backend we can use with web and mobile applications with no-code or code.

Dol0X can be used by individuals or businesses to automate simplest to most complex workflows. Also DolOX can be used by entrepreneurs who want to offer their automations as Saas services at different scales, from a side project to a VC-backed startup. Moreover, for anyone who wants to build the backend of their web or mobile applications with no/low-code, DolOX is an ideal solution.

DoTenX works perfectly with tools such as Webflow, Bubble, or WordPress.

When you write code to start a business, the most important goal is to implement your ideas and get feedback from the users as fast as possible. This means a platform like Dol0X can reduce the time to market significantly. which is vital to the success of your business. On the other hand, if you decide to build a Saas, with the purpose of growing it and selling it on various platforms, one of the key advantages you can have is using a no/low-code platform to build the product. This means you’ll have more buyers from more diverse backgrounds and ultimately it can translate to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars more in valuation, if not more. Also, there are other overheads such as DevOps, security, compliance, and scalability which distract you from focusing on what matters most.

Software development is more than writing code. The last thing you want is dealing with a complex piece of software that you might be left with after the software developer leaves the business or their contract ends. What was meant to solve a challenge, becomes a major challenge on its own. It’s best to use software developers where you need innovation that’s not possible with a platform like Dol0X. Also, you have to factor in all the other challenges of hosting and scaling the application.

Everyone can benefits from automations, DoTenX helps you to Automate any repetitive work once for ever and provides opportunity to create Apps without concerning about technical side of development and focusing on the idea by using pre-built nodes as your Back-End.

Integrate your workflow with other tools

Integrate all your tools and manage your processes in one single platform. Choose from tens of ready-made app integrations or connect to any online app with API integrations.

Main Features are

User management

One of the key requirements of almost every application is providing the users the ability to sign up and sign in to the application. User management section includes all you need to be able to support these functionalities, also known as Authentication in your applications.

Manage your users, handle Sign up, Sign In and provide 3rd-Party sign up for your applications without code – Twitter sign up is available.

We can create Groups of users to provide access. They have provided default groups to read, write etc

There was no option to create user manually, But they provided Endpoints to access

They have provided easier way to get Access token by which we can use these end points.


Bring the power of automations to your workflow and applications without coding experience.


Automations are very similar to the Interactions, however, they are triggered based on an various events, for example whenever an email is received, or a payment is made.

Similar to interactions, automations are composed of one or more Tasks and they can have one or more Triggers. Each Trigger represents an event upon which the automation should be executed.


Managing data with DoTenX is super easy. Just create a new table, add the fields you need and use the endpoints.


In order to store your data you can use Tables.

Tables are used to hold information about the items to be represented in your application. Each column in a table holds a certain kind of data and a field stores the actual value of an attribute. The rows in the table represent a collection of related values of one object or entity.

Managing of Tables was very easy and creation was much easier

Adding Records in to the table also showing very good popup. It would have been good if it had validations and proper controls. Example Created date , they can provide a date time picker.

Tried all possible ways but again add record was not working.

They provided a beautiful and powerful query builder to filter and search data in the tables

As it has power of creating end points by default, they have provided end points to add , get , delete and update. Which is very cool


Create interactions with one or more tasks to to add powerful backend workflows to your application.

Interactions give you a way to build simple or complex workflows you can execute in response to a HTTP request, commonly known as an API call.

Each interaction can have one or more Tasks, each of which performing a certain action in the entire workflow. You can pass parameters through the API call to the tasks.


Provider is a way to build integrations with third party applications such as Twitter, Stripe, etc., from your application. Based on the type of third party integration, each provider holds certain parameters and secrets along with some specific parameters.

It’s important to know that Providers are shared across all your projects.


Projects are the simply the way you organize and isolate your applications.

When you create a project a database is created and allocated specifically to your project. This database is later used to store all the data in your project, mainly the users’ information, and the database tables.

In order to create a project, simply click on the + button, give the project a name and optionally a description. Once your project is created, you can click on the project to navigate to the Builder studio where you build your application.

Not sure why we cannot use capital letters, but through out application they have either restricted or converted to lower case

They have option to upload files and maintain in a single repository. Could not find end point for the same. And there is no preview option or thumbnails

They even have option to add our custom domains.

Over all I would say. Very simple way to create Apis/ end points which can be used in other no code tools or mobile applications.