Bot Mother

The Best way to Create Chatbots without Code

Mainly people ask me what is a chatbot?

At the most basic level, a chatbot is a computer program that simulates and processes human conversation (either written or spoken), allowing humans to interact with digital devices as if they were communicating with a real person.

Botmother is the most powerful no-code platform allowing entrepreneurs to create production-ready chatbots.

Features of BotMother are

Visual Chatbot Builder

No programming knowledge is required to create a bot in Botmother. Come up with a bot scenario, choose the necessary components, and connect them in the visual editor.


Don’t wait for the user to write to the bot again: send them news and offers. Group your users with tags and send only interesting content.


Make decisions based on numbers. The statistics section will provide useful information about your users. You will always be able to track at what stage users are lost, and improve the bot.

One Bot For All Platforms

Write the bot logic once, and it will work equally well on all platforms: Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Viber. Your customers will be able to communicate with your bot wherever they want.

Full Functionality, No Code

Make your bot more functional by using integrated services. Receive information from the user and send it immediately to your CRM, send a notification via SMS, and set up the automation you need.

Chatbot builder

The Start screen is automatically added when a new bot is created. It is the main screen and by default is executed first when the bot starts. To add a new screen, click the Add screen button.

Components can be added to the screen either by drag-and-drop or by double-clicking — select the desired screen and click on the component from the list you want to add.

The All screens section contains a list of all bot screens. The selected screen can be renamed, hidden, duplicated, or deleted. You can also perform group actions on screens. For example, select several screens or all of them at once, show or hide them, as well as copy or delete them. This is useful for working with bots that have many screens.

If two or more screens have the same name, these screens will be marked with an exclamation mark in the list.

The Screen section contains the settings for the selected screen and a list of all the components located on it. Components can be deleted, duplicated or moved around the screen.

You can also change the screen name by double-clicking on the screen name in the builder field.

The Components section contains a list of all components that can be used to create a bot. They are added to the screen by dragging and dropping. You can also double-click a component to mark it and then double-click to move it to the desired screen. The component card indicates on which platforms it works

When you click on a component, the Component’s properties opens. In the сomponent’s properties, you can make changes to the settings of the components located on this screen.

The Minimap is at the bottom left corner of the page.

  • Using the “+”, “-” buttons and the slider at the bottom of the minimap, you can adjust the screen scale.
  • The minimap is hidden and revealed using the “Hide minimap” or “Show minimap” buttons.
  • By pushing the minimap to the maximum, you can see all the screens created in the bot.
  • In the minimap, screens are schematically indicated by light blue rectangles. The highlighted screen on the minimap turns blue.
  • Clicking on an area of the minimap moves the focus to that area. The focus shift can also be seen on the minimap.

Use the Menu on the left side of the screen to go to any section of the bot, return to the home page or open the knowledge base.

Make sure you save all your changes in the bot. To do this, use the Save button.

If you have any questions, write to our support. Chat with support is at the bottom left corner of the page.


Make your bot more functional by using integrated services. Receive information from the user and send it immediately to your CRM, send a notification via SMS, and set up the automation you need.

Services for Integration

Integration setup service without programming. Transfer data from Botmother to over 2000 applications and automate workflows.


Albato is a single service for all integrations. Set up data transfers from Botmother to over 110 services on your own and with no extra costs.


An online connector with which you can transfer data from Botmother to more than 100 applications and services without programming or specialized knowledge.

Payment Systems


Tell the PayOnline manager that you want to accept payments with a bot created in the Botmother, and you will be charged a 0.7% commission fee.


Sign up for Robokassa, use the promo code 01botmother and get a 2.7% commission fee for accepting online payments by cards for Botmother clients.


Service to accept payments on a website or without one. Connect to bePaid and accept online card payments right in the bot.


Online and offline payment acceptance service with fast setup. Connect to YooMoney and accept payments by cards right in the Telegram bot.

Support Systems


Sign up for Usedesk, set up integration with Botmother and communicate with customers from the bot and other channels in one place.

About Chatbot Builder Botmother

Botmother has a serious advantage over other bot constructors: a bot which is constructed with Botmother can work in all messengers. In Botmother, any mortal can create a bot in an hour — knowledge of programming is optional.

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We have 4 options to create a new bot but in trial version only empty bot is available.