Stencyl – NoCode Platform

Heard about Stencyl – NoCode Platform? Yes. Stencyl is a game that enables you to develop applications and games. It builds apps for ioS and Android. Besides, it also enables you to publish your applications. It includes Flash games for web, Windows, OS X, Linux, etc. In addition to this, Stencyl allows users to create unique things.

In Stencyl – NoCode Platform, you do not have to write code. You can create applications by just drag-and-drop function. However, it allows you to build applications as per your needs and expectations.

Stencyl – NoCode Platform is a game engine for every individual. However, it may include an entire beginner and advanced professional developers. Stencyl NoCode Platform also enables you to write code if you wish to. But it is not mandatory. Stencyl creates only 2D games.

Stencyl no-code application platform possesses numerous features. Let us see in brief.

Features of Stencyl NoCode Platform

No coding in Stencyl NoCode Platform

Stencyl is a platform that does not require coding. But if you wish, you can write a code as it allows coding too. You can create simple yet powerful applications even if you are a non-technical person.


This is one of the important features of Stencyl. Its drag-and-drop gameplay interface allows you to design and develop efficient applications with just a few clicks. You can use any drag-and-drop components that you want to display them in your application.

Easy to use

As already discussed, Stencyl requires no coding skills to build applications. This makes it easy to develop innovative, attractive and efficient applications quickly. That is why anyone without a technical background or no coding experience.

Code writing

If you want to create and share your own blocks, you can do that writing code. Stencyl allows you to write your own custom code as well as import libraries. You can seamlessly interact with block-based behaviors.

Develop Worlds

Are you familiar with the graphics editor such as Photoshop? Then you are at the right platform. It has similar tools like zooming, selection tool, grip-snapping, and flood fill. These tools will definitely help you to develop complex worlds easily.

Quality of rendering

Stencyl NoCode Platform grants you the high-quality rendering. It contains bitmaps. Bitmaps are nothing but the are the special type of fonts in which the font is pre-rendered to pixels.

Quality VFX

Stencyl is highly supportive of high-quality visual effects. It creates applications with HD quality visual effects that are full of clarity.

Terrain and Texture Quality

Stencyl provides the tools that are highly supportive of tools that enable you to create applications with high-quality terrain and texture quality.

User Interface

Stencyl offers you a simple user interface that is easy to use and implement. It contains tools and components that you can use to design simple yet adorable and powerful applications without coding.


Stencyl provides you a WYSIWYG Editor that contains drag-and-drop elements into your application. You can customize your interface using these components as per your requirement.

Customization of branding

Stencyl offers you the tools to insert logos of your brand, color, quotes, and other essential content. It allows you to customize your brand to promote it on a large scale.

Templates for application

This feature of Stencyl offers you the base-level templates for application to create atop and personalize users and their actions.


This functionality enables you to build off-page sequences, libraries, and forms. it allows users to navigate smoothly through all over the application.

Cutscene development

Stencyl offers you a powerful and intuitive creation and editing cutscene as well as cinematic development.

Shader development

This feature includes tools offered by Stencyl to the authors to customize their brands and applications.

AI controllers

Stencyl offers the feature to control and handle the AI characters. You can customize the characters controlled by AI.


Stencyl provides a tool that allows you to create robust and customized animations. It builds efficient, powerful, and intuitive toolset.

Non-creation abilities

As the title itself suggest there is no need to create things using code. No coding is essential to build effective content. You can create interactive content without writing code.

Team association

Stencyl offers this feature to collaborate with a team easily. It allows you to administer and workflow for creating interactive content quickly.

Data migration

This feature permits you to add user data from the existing sources while developing initial applications or modifying data sources.

Synchronization of data

Stencyl offers you the function to synchronize the data. It means continue updating of data as users or outside data sources can be edited.

Data Security

Data security in Stencyl includes encrypting the data and some kind of firewall. These are used to protect your sensitive and confidential data from being accessible to the external parties.

Publishing activities

Stencyl grants you to design, develop, and publish your business applications quickly, easily, and effectively. It includes things like application deployment, life-cycle management, and platform compatibility.

Application deployment

Stencyl NoCode Platform develops and deploys the applications that are compatible with providing access for desktops as well as mobiles and tablets.

Platform compatibility

Stencyl provides the feature of platform compatibility that allows you to develop cross-platform applications. It also allows you to provide a particular template for various kinds of device types. Stencyl builds applications that are compatible with various mobile devices, desktop, and tablets a well.

Life-cycle management

Stencyl looks after the management of the life-cycle of the application throughout the development process. It grants you the ability to administer the application and maintain it from start to end until it is released. This service will end only after its deactivation.

These are the features of the Stencyl NoCode Platform that makes it reliable and distinct from others. Here is a list of application examples built using Stencyl NoCode Platform.

Using the Stencyl no-code application development platform, you can create a masterpiece of applications. So if you are interested in starting your career as a citizen developer, why are you waiting for? Move ahead and go for the Stencyl NoCode platform.

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