No Code Platform NINTEX

No Code Platform NINTEX is a networked provider that automates workflow and gives solutions for different business processes. It is proclaimed as the world’s superior workflow company. It brutalizes process mostly used in organizations CMS and association platforms, attaching on-premises, mobile users, and cloud workflows.

No Code Platform NINTEX was acquired by EnableSoft that is a robotic brutalization provider. It is a Bellevue-based tech enterprise. It makes a robust workflow administration platform. In 2017, Nintex achieved a target of $100 million in revenue. Nintex is one of the biggest organizations in the automated workflow industry.

Workflow automation and process management are important tasks carried out by Nintex. This platform is invented to associate the third-party software with Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, Salesforce, Box, and Adobe.

Nintex grants you to administer, upgrade, and automate your processes and products. This is important for a rapid and brilliant business transformation. It is simple to use. It produces strong and powerful applications for transforming your business.

Nintex has approved a leader approach with the highest rank. It is in the top 5 involving partners, revenue created by DPA, vision, and approach, number of enterprises, wide sales, and commercial model.

There are many features that we will see in detail also it has some of the basic features regarding workflow.

  1. Ingrained workflow: It allows users to design applications and manage digital workflows.
  2. Nintex provides competence for personalizing CSS and build customized workflow.
  3. Easy adoption of designing is obtained due to simple drag-and-drop function.
  4. Mobile Compatibility: Nintex application development platform is compatible with any mobile and tablet.

Apart from these basic features, Nintex has some additional features. Let us look into detail.

  • Event check and control: Nintex enables you to know about your workflow status. It audits your events and controls them.
  • Instrument panel: Nintex grants you an instrument panel that enables you to modify apps as per your requirements.
  • Workflow analysis: Logical analysis of workflow can be done in Nintex to improve your app.
  • Supportive App Studio: Nintex has an App Studio that enables users to develop and deploy apps quickly.
  • Business Practice Automation: Nintex allows automated business actions to develop and engage in business management teams.
  • Alerts and Bulletins: This consists of a list of bulletins and alerts. It allows you to decide the users that will get notified when workflow instances failure occurs.
  • Mobile process administration: Nintex mobile enables you to respond to the requests by the users, capture information, gather signatures, etc.
  • Document Development: Nintex has a feature to create quick and error-free documents. All documentation work is done quickly.
  • Workflow Summary: Nintex has one list that contains a history of the workflow. It is a track record of all the activities of the workflow.
  • Agreement administration: It includes risk management. Nintex possesses a feature that mitigates risk and compliance.
  • Audit hunting: This helps to generate audit reports that contain a tracklog of the workflow.
  • Error alerts: Nintex has an option of error notifications where the user has to submit his email id so that whenever the error occurs, the user gets alerted.
  • Workflow warnings: This section in Nintex allows you to address workflow reminders to the users through the system.
  • Data and information: Nintex has connectors of data that accommodates business apps to the automated workflow.
  • Forms administration: This part of Nintex allows database management in which you can maintain the record and forms of activities.
  • Constructive Workflow: This makes the process streamlines that is the core and crucial part of your business.
  • Assistance desk management: Nintex bears a separate option of help and support that includes all the support conversations.
  • Trademark Workflows: Nintex enables users to modify labels and identify the steps in the workflow.
  • Business Practice analytics: Using these analytics, you can easily determine, track, and enhance your business processes.
  • Management of resources: It looks after resource management including optimization and their requirements.
  • Tracking workflow: Nintex has a feature that tracks the activities of workflow and maintains its record.
  • Workflow administration: It includes measuring performance, creating effective reports and getting analytics.
  • Data-driven insights: Nintex offers data-driven analytics that is utilized to boost your business.
  • Drag and drop interface: User can create or develop his own app by this drag-and-drop feature very easily.
  • Workflow with electronics: This electronic workflow includes collecting e-signatures, electronic forms, and automated workflows that enhance overall user experience.
  • Authorized process handler: Nintex handles various processes that are authorized and approved.
  • History of statistics: Nintex consists of a section that includes a list of a summary of all the statistical activities.
  • Management of document: It is a place where users can develop, modify, clear, and store their documentation.
  • Management of project: Project management involves things like budget, deadlines, resources, etc.
  • Tracking of front-end behavior: Nintex encourages the employee’s performance by tracking and evaluating front-end behavior.
  • Vivid workflow editor: It helps the user to get a graphical display so that he can handle it easily.
  • Cloud Modernization: It helps users to access data from anywhere anytime. No matter whether it is day or night, the user is always able to access any data anytime from anywhere.
  • Robust analytics: The analysis management process in Nintex is strong enough that allows you to determine the things working well and enhance that are not working well enough.
  • Pliable designs of workflow: Nintex provides flexible designs of workflow that helps users to enhance efficiency and performance easily.
  • Signatures handling: The signature control permits a user to log in from a web browser, or Nintex Mobile. That signature can be received by Nintex Workflow Cloud in the form of an image and added using Document Creation action.

These are some of the features of the Nintex application development platform that makes it more efficient. Nintex platform is used by most of the organizations to develop their own applications without hiring a separate programmer and app developer.

There are many applications built using Nintex. Here you can get the list of apps built using NINTEX. So if you’re thinking of becoming a citizen developer, you can go with the Nintex application development platform to develop your apps.

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