Xojo LowCode Platform

Xojo LowCode Platform is simple to use the application building tool that is designed to aid the app builders in developing desktop. Along with this, you can build the web as well as mobile applications that can be deployed on any platform. However, it may include Windows, macOS, iOS, or Linux platforms.

Xojo LowCode Platform is an ideal platform for the entire app builders irrespective of their experience level. However, you can use it for commercial software development, providers, minor businesses, and educational organizations all over the world.

Xojo LowCode Platform arrives with a simple to use the drag-and-drop feature. However, it enables rapid and intuitive development of user interfaces for your applications.

Xojo LowCode Platform possesses a rich infrastructure that offers modern support including graphics, Internet protocols, and database servers. However, it allows you to develop robust yet beautiful applications in different ways.

Xojo helps you to write the code once and deliver or run their applications on any platform. Additionally, the tool for development grants users to build applications rapidly. As a result, time is saved required to develop an application. However, no need to waste your time dealing with complicated OS and APIs.

There are many functionalities and features of the Xojo low-code application development platform. However, these are responsible for making it more reliable and efficient. Let us move to them.


User Interface builder

Xojo allows you to develop applications for desktops, mobile as well as web applications. This property of the Xojo makes stand on the priority of experts as well as beginners. However, its user interface simplifies the designing of the applications for you. Besides, you are allowed to accelerate the development of application user interfaces.

User interface controls

Xojo grants you some of the in-built user interface controls. However, it assures you the designing of applications is done according to your needs and demands. Additionally, you are allowed to deploy and function properly on the platform you wish. Beyond this, Xojo provides you with 40+ in-built user interface controls. Additionally, app builders those who developing native iOS apps by taking the benefit of their powerful graphics and sound.

Object-oriented functions

Xojo grants you with object-oriented features that are very helpful for experienced builders and desktop application creation. The objects in the Xojo consists of programming codes. However, they respond to the events on the basis of the codes they are holding currently.

Web application security

Xojo grants you the tools for security that guarantees complete security. The web applications developed with Xojo are converted and compiled to binary code. In short, it does not require to store the code of the web app on the server. So, it will be very complicated and difficult to heck and access and modify the source codes for the hackers.

Raspberry Pi apps

Xojo provides you with an entire unified environment to develop the applications. However, it allows you to build Raspberry Pi apps in an integrated environment. Additionally, it is utilized in robotics and acts as a learning tool. Beyond this, you can connect the outside hardware like LEDs and Raspberry Pi display to deploy their applications.

Cross-platform development

Xojo allows you to build cross-platform applications that are compatible with any type of device. However, these devices include desktop as well as mobile devices like Android, smartphones, tablets, and more. In short, Xojo Creator is compatible with almost all types of devices including mobile and desktop devices.

Application templates

Xojo provides you with base-level pre-built application templates. However. you can use these pre-built templates to design your templates in an innovative way. Additionally, by taking inspiration from these templates, you can create your own template design.

Process overview

You can get help to build a holistic view of your applications. However, it helps you in creating entirely featured and efficient applications. This allows you to develop simple yet beautiful applications. Additionally, the process overview feature allows you to understand your application more efficiently and deeply.

Application deployment

Xojo allows you to release the applications for desktop as well as mobile devices. However, you can involve devices like mobiles, smartphones, android, tablets, etc. As it gives you the freedom to choose the platforms and cloud services to deploy your applications, this is proved as one of the significant features.

Brand customization

You can customize and personalize your brand according to your needs and demands. However, you can bring down all your expectations in real-time with your applications. You can design loos, quotes as well as colors for your brand. This feature grants you the total freedom to personalize your own brand in your own way.

Automated workflow

Furthermore, you can get the entire automated environment with the Xojo low-code application development platform. This enables you to develop automated workflows for your applications using that automated environment. In short, this feature helps you to carry out the automation of workflow processes.

Data security

Xojo builds a specific form of firewall that protects your data from authorized access. Along with this, it encrypts the data to prevent access from outside parties. In short, you can protect your sensitive data and information regarding your app from unauthenticated user access.

Data synchronization

Xojo allows you to consistently update and modify the data and information in your applications. However, you can edit the external sources and users that collects the data and information.

Data migration

You can migrate the data and information from one platform to another easily and rapidly. Hence, this feature makes it easy for you to migrate from one platform or workflow process to another in a smoother way.

Finally, above are the features and quality approach of the Xojo low-code application development platform. However, you can find a list of applications and examples built using Xojo low-code application development platform.

So, Xojo is one of the best options for the one who is thinking of building their career as a citizen developer. Additionally, you can boost your career with Xojo as you can build your own applications by optimizing time, cost, and resources.

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