Airtable NoCode Platform

Airtable is an association software invented especially for hotels and the food-related enterprises. It can be suitable for any general business type. It possesses a centralized database to assist teams seamlessly working together in an efficient and effective way.

Anyone with little or no knowledge of coding can easily build their own business apps. Airtable always serves programmers as well as non-programmers.

Airtable is beneficial for any business that needs an associative space. For that, it uses a spreadsheet having a familiar interface. The software behaves like spreadsheet rows and columns. It enables dynamics for the relational databases.

In a similar way, the system behaves like an integrated location, content, projects, and records. Users are allowed to access data or migrate it from one database to another. Users are assured to keep data integrity.

Synchronization of information in real-time ensures users get the latest version where data can be changed and updated. Users can also boost the collaboration experience with excellent quality media, text, files, photos, barcodes, checkboxes, and notes.

Airtable is a database management system invented for all kinds of businesses of all sizes and scales. It possesses enterprise and association functionalities and abilities. Airtable serves as a very pliable and mobile compatible database management solution.

Airtable allows users to implement their ideas, content, projects and records into a consolidated system. Airtable functions like a typical spreadsheet. In fact, it is more robust and powerful than a spreadsheet due to its RDBMS ability. The software link relevant data, and records empowering users to access the information in a single database from another and vice versa.

There are numerous features of the Airtable no-code application development platform.

  • Custom-built fields: Airtable allows you to customize the field (Column) from the file customization menu. You can open the customization option from a grid view. Later click on the dropdown list of the field and bring up the field menu. There you can get the option to customize the field easily.
  • Filter and sort: You need to apply filters or sort and reorder rows every time you hide or reorder columns. Those modifications will be applied only to your existing view. It is simple to sort your records by specific criteria in Airtable.
  • Custom-built views: A new view can be easily made by clicking on the arrow on the left of the name of the view. This will become the view switcher showing your current views and allows you to add new views.
  • Records linking between tables: A linked record field enables you to show the relationships between relevant records by building links between them. This is specifically useful while you have multiple tables of relevant items and concepts.
  • RDBMS functionality: Airtable is a relational database that is designed for representing a relationship among various concepts and objects. A linked record field reveals a relationship between two different ideas, objects, or people. You are able to link two tables together such as artists, and albums.
  • Synchronization of data: Airtable synchronizes records with the calendar app. It takes care of sync from your calendar app to Airtable. Regrettably, Zapier could only trigger new records adding to a table and not modified ones.
  • Keywords and tags: Airtable is a universal tag field that suggests products. It arranges anything and everything you need to be able to tag long-input text making it searchable by tag.
  • Email unification: Airtable simply connects to your email for notifying you when there are modifications to your database or to archive new emails and records.
  • Application unification: Airtable allows us to connect apps and automate the flow of information between them. Also, it allows connecting apps and services without writing code. Airtable provides you with 10 integration platforms.
  • Snapshots: Airtable has the ability to take the snapshots of your bases automatically at set time intervals. It also allows you to take a snapshot manually. It requires a few seconds for a snapshot to take a complete snapshot. You can see that snapshots in the menu once it has been completed.
  • Social media unification: Airtable automatically crosses and double-check the count of characters in your posts by utilizing the formula fields and send alert to your team if the headline or description text. Visualize the look of your post with the mockups that are developed using the Page Designer block before publishing.
  • Third-party unification: IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a third-party platform that allows you to connect Airtable with 100s of apps, services, and devices.
  • Forms administration: Forms have the function of drag-and-drop that generates forms within the seconds. It simplifies scheduling. It collects date and time for instantly displaying the responses on a calendar. It helps to maintain the schedule of your team beyond the data gathering.
  • Managing communication: Airtable assists you to generate a programmed communications plan looping in the correct people at the correct time and sets expectations goals for every single group.
  • Automatic notifications and alerts: Airtable has the ability to give automatic alert or notification if any modification is done in the system.
  • Management of records: Airtable manages to keep track of records of each and every activity of the system. Also, it manages to keep your record in the database of the system.
  • Automatic Backup: There is a provision of automatic backup in Airtable. It has the ability to take all the backup within 20 minutes. You need to follow the procedure to take that back up of your system.
  • Pre-built templates: Airtable possesses built-in templates that are used to design, develop, and deploy the applications.
  • Saving and sharing views: Airtable provides saving and sharing the views regarding the applications.

These are some of the features of Airtable that makes it more reliable. Here is a link that provides a list of applications built using Airtable no-code application development.

Are you looking for the right no-code application development platform? Are you a non-programmer? Then blindly go with Airtable. You will definitely be able to start your career as a citizen developer and later you can boost it.

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