Rocket LegaSuite Web NoCode Platform

Rocket LegaSuite Web NoCode Platform is an entirely featured web application builder. However, it is designed to serve SMEs and organizations. Besides, it builds online websites for your business or enterprises. Additionally, it provides an end-to-end design solution for Windows. Beyond, this system grants you all the things in one place.

Rocket LegaSuite Web NoCode Platform allows you to handle the critical backend applications that are web-enable. However, they can be accessed from the web as well as mobile browsers. It builds the website very rapidly and easily using simple drag-and-drop components.

Rocket LegaSuite Web NoCode Platform provides development tools as well as dynamic and runtime elements that allow you to build your website fast. Besides, these runtime components extend and repurpose any type of legacy application. Additionally, it is user-friendly and works well with HTML5 web applications.

Rocket LegaSuite Web provides you with a user-friendly and easy-to-use user interface. However, the simple drag-and-drop elements that can be used to design your website without coding

Rocket LegaSuite Web grants you the ability to customize your branding by creating logos, colors, and quotes for your brand. However, it possesses some pre-built application templates to design your application. However, you can use those templates or design your own template.

Rocket LegaSuite Web allows you to build the off-page sequences of the forms, libraries, and workflow processes. However, it helps you to migrate your data from one location to another. Additionally, it provides you the security while migrating your data.

Like every other platform, Rocket LegaSuite Web too has numerous features. Some of them are written below. Let us move to them.



Rocket LegaSuite Web is very user-friendly. However, it has very efficient and simple to implement the user interface. Hence, anyone with basic computer knowledge can easily handle it. Besides, it can be used without coding knowledge or skills. Hence, it is a very easy-to-use application development platform.

Workflow automation

Rocket LegaSuite Web provides you a fully automated environment while building the workflow processes. However, you get an automated workflow process when you develop an automated environment. As a result, it helps you to reduce manual efforts while entering the data and information. Additionally, you can save time and effort by automatically data entry.

Data synchronization

This feature allows you to update and modify the data and information of your users continuously. However, it enables you to edit and modify the various sources from which the data is collected.

Data migration

Rocket LegaSuite Web allows you to migrate your data from one location to the other location without being hacked or leaked. Hence, you can successfully move your data to the decided location as per your needs and requirements. In short, you get the guaranteed security when moving from one location to another.teed security for your data even

Data security

As already told, you get the full security for your data and information while migrating it from one place to another. However, Rocket LegaSuite Web has the ability to encrypt the data so that no unauthorized user can access it. Besides, you are provided with a special kind of firewall that protects your data and information from being accessed by unauthorized users.

User interface

Rocket LegaSuite possesses a very simple and easy-to-use user interface that allows anyone to design your application without coding. However, you can design and develop your application easily and rapidly by using just a few clicks.


This editor is used by most of the no-code application development platforms. However, it requires no coding skills and knowledge. Hence, any individual with little or no coding skills can easily design the application. This editor possesses simple drag-and-drop components that allow you to design the applications with just a few clicks.

Process overview

Rocket LegaSuite Web allows you to create a holistic view of your applications that helps you to determine and boost the productivity of your applications. Hence, you are able to record every single activity in your applications.

Process Analysis

You can fully analyze your applications so that you can detect and eliminate the defects and errors in your applications. Additionally, you can get an in-depth analysis of your applications. As a result, you can deliver finally the error-free software and get the enhanced user experience.

Data management

This is a very essential feature while developing an application. However, the Rocket LegaSuite Web enables you to administer the data and information of your applications. You have to manage your data in an efficient way along with preventing it from getting hacked or leaked.

Application release

Rocket LegaSuite Web has the ability to develop applications for desktop as well as mobile browsers. However, it supports desktop devices as well as mobile devices such as Smartphones, Android, iOS, tablets, and more.

Web Development

Rocket LegaSuite web is especially a website builder without coding. However, it can develop and deploy the websites for your business or organizations.


This feature allows you to test your website at every step of website development. However, this enables you to recognize as well remove the errors and faults in your applications.


Rocket LegaSuite Web assures you of the security for your data and information. However, every single activity along with security.

Life-cycle management

This feature is very important that every platform should possess. However, it allows you to administer the overall life-cycle of an application throughout the development process. This helps you to develop and deploy a totally error-free and efficient application to your users.

Platform compatibility

So, above are some of the highlighted features and functionalities of the Rocket LegaSuite Web NoCode Platform. Along with this, let us see some more information about the Rocket LegaSuite Web NoCode Platform.

Hence, if you want to become a successful citizen developer or a business user and build your application on your own, then the Rocket LegaSuite Web is one of the best options for you. It requires no coding at all. Hence, you need not have to be a technical person.

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