KINTONE NoCode Platform

KINTONE NoCode Platform is a no-code application development platform. It allows end-users to easily develop Web Database instances. These instances are known as Kintone Apps. Kintone applications are simply developed by using a drag-and-drop interface that needs no coding.

End-users generally restore their usage of spreadsheets using KINTONE NoCode Platform apps. As the data is accessible from anywhere through the browser, it becomes very easy to share it. Each Kintone app is developed with BPM features, commenting features, and permission controls.

Every KINTONE NoCode Platform app is also run using CSS files and JavaScript. Project Management, Product Database, Retail Management, Sales CRM, HR recruiting management, ToDo lists, Inquiry management, and expenditure Reports are some of the use cases for Kintone Apps. Apart from these, many other apps can be developed to meet the user’s requirements.

KINTONE NoCode Platform possesses many features that make it exclusive and more reliable along with great efficiency.ForumKintone possesses to develop spaces where teams are able to communicate in the Kintone instance. These spaces are known as forums. End-users generally build Spaces while working on large projects. Due to this, all the information regarding the project can be kept in one place. Spaces also contribute to reducing the requirement of internal emails that are to be sent from the end-users. They can get notified in the Kintone Space.


The portal is the initiating and topmost page of Kintone. It is an entry-level and most visited page in Kintone. Kintone possesses a feature to create a portal including a noticeboard updated by Admins. It also includes a list of alerts and notifications, apps, and spaces.


Kintone is a robust platform that provides you the collaboration of workspace. It also grants a digital workspace that collects everything in one place. It is the best newest way to get information about everything. Kintone includes carry out workspace- based association, internal and external team association with multi-threaded discussions featuring embedded.

App Marketplace

Kintone marketplace grants apps used for various businesses. You can select and add the required apps from Kintone. You can choose your desired app from the featured apps are on the left side panel and click on it. The description and app details appear for displaying screenshots of the application.

No stress notification

Kintone provides stressless and effortless notifications to its users. Kintone allows you to set notifications that are needed to be sent to the users when the records are edited in the app or when anyone comments on records. In addition to this, you can send notifications as reminders on the basis of date and time information in the record.

Data Pervasiveness

Data pervasiveness or ubiquity means the presence of data everywhere or most of the places known as omnipresence. Kintone has a feature that its data is present everywhere and most of the places. It allows you to access data of your app from any place anytime as per your need.

External Association

The Guest Space of a Kintone allows you to associate projects with outside members. The work of Guest Space is the same as Spaces. Only the external members would be able to view the apps, announcements, and threads in the Guest Space.

Mobile Browser

Kintone allows you a powerful mobile browser that supports every mobile. Kintone provides web as well as mobile browsers in an optimized view. The mobile view of the browser has some of the functionality restraints on apps and settings of the Space.

Real-time Smarter Charts

Kintone always carries out a product survey that helps you for collecting and analyzing your consumer’s feedback in the form of smart graphs in real-time. Kintone allows you to visualize data from many apps in one place via pivot and charts. It enables you to make smart decisions by supporting status check analytics.

Social Interaction

Kintone allows you to communicate with their business platforms and customers. For instance, a marketing team is able to display social media mentions and posts about your product or service. Kintone offers centralized process administration and communication in Kintone. For this, you require no coding or programming to create an infinite number of forms.

Business Process Management (BPM)

This feature you can utilize to configure processes to enable multiple users for editing and reviewing records. It makes no friction, easy, and fun app. It maps the steps in a snapshot and automates the boring components. Also, it assigns tasks so everybody will be on the same page. It helps to boost productivity.

Peer-to-Peer communication

Peer-to-peer messages mean person-to-person communication. In short, Kintone allows peer-to-peer communication over text messages. You can send messages and communicate with your customers one-to-one.

Open Platform for Unification

Kintone is an open-source platform that allows you to unify data and information easily and quickly.

Real-time Chat unification

The Zapier integration in Kintone assists you to maintain a centralized backup for all. Also, you can update and manipulate your data of Kintone by using bidirectional and real-time access. Using integration, you can enable users to integrate with external services like Microsoft, Google Hangouts, and slack.

Client Certificate Authentication

You need to set up your IP address restraints for using Client Certificate Authentication. Have a look at configured IP address restraints. After configuring it properly, the Client Certificate Authentication available for every single user.


Kintone allows you to get notified and alert about every activity and modification in the application. Also, you can send notifications as well as reminders to the users regarding their activities in the app.

Multilingual Interface

Multilingual User Interface (MUI) allows you to localize your interfaces for global applications. It also supports the development of quick and efficient applications.

Additionally, Kintone possesses functions like external association, client certificate authentication, social communication, storage options, and client certificate authentication.

These are some of the features of the Kintone that are considerable and helpful as well as reliable. Here is a list of applications developed using the Kintone no-code application development platform.

You can choose the KINTONE NoCode Platform to build your own apps for your business even if you are a non-programmer.

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