Requestbox NoCode Platform

Requestbox NoCode Platform is a platform that enables you to build the no-code applications for your own business as well as organizations. However, it accepts the marketing requests of your users and customers. Besides, it is a marketing template that enables you to centralize the marketing of your product or service across any location.

Requestbox NoCode Platform helps your central teams to utilize their prior knowledge and experience. However, it assists you to approve the process requests. Beyond, the common scenarios involve updates regarding the web pages, posts of social media, and event requests.

Requestbox NoCode Platform is a marketing template that id developed on the workflow process platform. However, it allows you to get the advantage of the entire standard design of the Requestbox. Additionally, you get featured development as well as customization function. Besides, it continuously adds ad develops the features and functions in the Requestbox no-code application development platform.

Requestbox is always available for its users and customers. However, it possesses 24 hours boxes. Additionally, you can open the box and keep it open up to 24 hours.

Requestbox no-code application development platform has so many features and functions that make it more unique and reliable. Let us move to some of the no-code features of the Requestbox no-code application development platform.



You can discover the many unknown things about your application.


You can vote for your application and get its insights.


However, you can build the filters for your applications.


You can get the freedom to customize your branding by adding logos, menu colors, and quotes.


However, you can add external links to your application. This helps you to reach more audience in less time.

Menu colors

Besides, you can change the menu colors in your own way. This helps you to make your application eye-pleasing and attractive.

Web address

However, you are allowed to add the web address as per your need.

Login and registration pages

Requestbox helps you to build your own login and registration page.

Form development

However, you can develop your forms as per your requirements.

Alerts and notifications

Besides, you can receive updates in the form of alerts and notifications.

Calculation fields

You get the individual fields for calculation purposes.


This helps you to build the schedule of your activities.


Users are allowed to make the tick in the checkbox.

Messaging and comments

Beyond, you get the feature to message as well as make the comments.

Repeat control

You can easily control the repeated activities in your application.


Requestbox helps you to write the content of your application.

Drop-down lists

You get the facility of drop-down lists from which you can select one option.


However, you can get the headers for your applications.

Item management

You can manage all the items in your application.


Requestbox helps you to get the hosting for your application. However, this hosting is basically a cloud-based hosting.

Zapier 750+ applications

You can build the applications by unifying it with the Zapier. Over 750+ applications are built in this way.


Requestbox allows you to build the pages of HTML, JavaScript as well as CSS coding languages.

Custom pages

You can create custom pages in your applications for your users and customers.

Embedding external content

However, you can embed the outside content into your application.

Integration and authorization

Requestbox helps you to integrate as well as authorize your application.

Publishing pages

Furthermore, Requestbox helps you to publish your pages.

Online report builder

Now, you can build all your reports online. Hence, no offline work.

Exporting reports

However, you can export the data as well as the reports generated by your application.

Scanning QR code support

You can now scan your QR code and get the support for your application.

Label printing

Furthermore, Requestbox helps you with the option of label printing.

Label offsetting

Besides, Requestbox provides you with a label off-setting feature.

Pivot grid

However, you get an individual pivot grid for your application.

Parameter passing

You get the feature of the parameter passing mechanism.

Generic form to word

Requestbox allows you to convert the generic form to Word.

Grid to CSV

You can easily convert the generic form grid to CSV.


Requestbox helps you to apply the rules on your users, team, request type, status, field values of the data in your application.

Triggering emails

You can send and receive the triggering emails regarding your application.

Record the value changes

Requestbox helps you to record and manage the value modifications in your applications.


You can easily carry out the validation of your application.

User management

Requestbox helps you to manage your users efficiently.


You can build your own efficient team with Requestbox.


Requestbox allows you to localize your application.

Single sign-on

You get just one sign-on feature for your application.


Requestbox allows you to authorize the pages, grids as well as the controls in your applications.

Self-service registration

Requestbox allows you to register your record yourself.

Own password reset

You can set your password on your own.

Customed user fields

Requestbox grants you the custom user fields for your application.


You can build automated workflow processes.

Multi-workflow processes

Requestbox helps you to build multiple workflow processes.

Merging of workflows

Requestbox allows you to merge the entire workflows in one place.

Auditing field

You get a separate auditing field for your application.

Life-cycle management

Requestbox allows you to administer the overall life-cycle of your application during its development. You can manage it even after the deployment.

So, as given above are some selective and prime features of the Requestbox no-code application development platform. If you want to have some more details about the Requestbox no-code application development platform, you can get here.

Hence, you can become an individual app builder like a citizen developer that can build no-code applications without coding on your own. However, it needs no prior coding experience or knowledge. As a result, you can take up a career as a citizen developer or a business user.

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