Amazon HoneyComb NoCode Platform

Amazon has launched its new product today , Honeycomb – NoCode Platform. It is still in the beta stage. It was released on 24/06/2020.

To Start with you don’t need any programming skills to develop applications using HoneyComb. You can Develop both Mobile and Web Applications. You can develop simple task management softwares to enterprise level project management softwares with multiple complex workflows and business logic.

Major Features of HoneyComb are

  • Workbook
  • Apps
  • Automations
  • User Management
  • Pricing


Workbook is basically a project in honeycomb, which holds all apps , databases. you can create multiple workbooks. as it is free we do not know any restrictions as of now. you can create workbook in multiple ways.

  1. Import a CSV File
  2. Use a Template
  3. Start From Scratch


Apps can be built on Tables or inside a workbook, very easily u can build app with a screen by selecting a table on right hand side u can change field names and you can set order

you can even set whether it is read only or editable, you can add more than one screen in an app


Automations can be reminders or data updates in the system

User Management

You can have up to 20 members in a team as of now in beta

There are 3 plans in Free you can have up to 2500 rows per workbook, but unlimited workbooks which is great and only 20 team members

In Plus plan you can have upto 10000 rows per workbook which is basically not enough so people will prefer to go to Pro Plan with 100000 rows , again for enterprise level applications there was no option.

We will update after we get more information

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