Salesforce Lightning NoCode Platform

Salesforce Lightning NoCode Platform allows you to experience an entirely evolved manner of controlling and handling your business.

Here are some of the features of the Salesforce Lightning no-code application development platform that will help you to get thorough knowledge of this evolved platform.

It is slightly difficult to mention all the features but some of the significant features are mentioned.

  • Latest technology packing: Salesforce Lightning is wrapped with the latest technological enhancements. It can assist you to improvise your customer and relations among departments. It allows you the cloud potential for almost every single thing you do on this platform. Besides this, Salesforce has the feature of releasing three proper lightning modifications per year. You will get it automatically.
  • Rapid selling: Users will be benefited by nearly 55 new pages of Sales cloud with almost 150 extra features with the Salesforce Lightning platform. Salesforce allows you to sell your apps, product, and services easily and rapidly. It does not take too long to launch your app, product or service in the market.
  • Convenient Kanban: You can easily visualize all of your records at a time. Also, you will be enabled to examine your work more efficiently and can schedule your work accordingly.
  • Performance Chart: Salesforce provides you aa performance chart of your work on a quarterly basis. It offers you to record your growth.
  • Assistant: The assistant of Salesforce allows you to get the awareness of each and every latest update in the system on a daily basis. You would able to get informed about the latest update in the system.
  • Convenient workspace: Using this feature, you will be easily able to coordinate the work of your team. It grants you the best and latest practices, approaches, and guidance for customized and convenient workspace.
  • Custom Instrumental Panel: You can personalize your dashboard according to your needs and requirements using Salesforce Lightning. It provides you a pliable dashboard that you can use it according to your expectations.
  • Lightning expression: This is one of the most significant and highlighting features of the Salesforce Lightning platform. It allows users to collaborate with their clients. You can make the calls directly through the cloud. This means you can make calls anytime from anywhere. Also, you can receive the call anytime if you include your cellphone in it. Besides this, you can note down as well as log your calls while you do or receive the calls.
  • Steelbrick function: This is a mindblowing feature included in the Salesforce that completely built on the Lightning framework. It has CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) permits the Sales cloud to carry out all the tasks in deals of the business. This enables the representative of the Salesforce to easily develop proposals and contracts for all the brands and that too without any trouble.
  • Outlook Association: Salesforce is one of the world’s foremost efficient outcome that is working together. The association of Salesforce with Microsoft created a new level for its management. Nowadays, you are entirely able to sign in your lightning by utilizing your account of Outlook. So it helps you to avoid hopping among different programs.
  • Thumbs CRM: This feature is used to redesign the Lightning platform’s desktop instrument panel experience. All the personalizations made on the platform will be available on your cell in no time by using the Salesforce Mobile Application.
  • Application developer of Lightning: This is the best part of this complete evolution of Lightning. The new Salesforce application development enables you to create applications without touching the program. It simply tells that you do not require to be a coder for building applications on Salesforce. You need to click a few buttons at correct places and it gets completed.
  • AppExchange: There are a total of 157 Lightning readymade third-party applications on the Salesforce’s AppExchange platform currently. All these applications are double-checked and previewed and pre-integrated for working fluently on the Salesforce platform. It helps the user with compatible applications that can provide consistent client experience as you shift your interface to Lightning.
  • Lightning Snap-Ins: Snap-Ins is one of the most robust and useful features of the Salesforce Lightning cloud. It is built by utilizing the various Lightning elements. It enables enterprises for coordinating direct support for their clients in the applications and pages. Snap-Ins helps you to reach your clients where you can help them in every way.
  • Customer community of the Lightning: The Lightning has the highest customer community. It is a full package of features released by the Salesforce platform. It empowers enterprises and companies for engaging brilliantly and quickly with their clients. Mostly it comes with new advanced UX that commits to providing you an entirely new level of customization. The Customer community of Lightning now arrives along with plenty of new opportunities for customer engagement. This can simply help your business to attain an unparalleled client experience. Besides these, it offers various in-built solutions to grievances or business.
  • Interactive Tabs: The First point to be considered is its interactive tabs. The Salesforce Lightning has a built-in interactive and dynamic interface due to which more related info can be shown and just one click is enough to do it. Firstly, it was having a Classic interface but later Salesforce Lightning became enhanced. You can create and view new, recent records as well as recent list views.
  • Activity timeline: Using this feature, you can view all the activities, past tasks, events, and emails in chronological order according to their due.

These are some of the most significant features and functionalities that make it more reliable and attractive among people. Using all of these features of Salesforce Lightning, anybody from the team will be able to personalize the pages and can relocate the Lightning elements for pinning up the applications.

Here is a list of examples and applications built using the Salesforce Lightning application development platform.

So choose Salesforce Lightning and begin your career as a citizen developer. You will be able to develop your business apps on your own if you are a non-programmer. Business users can enhance their business with the Salesforce Lightning development platform.

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