Workflowgen NoCode Platform

Workflowgen NoCode Platform possesses an in-built workflow application that helps you to automate your actions regarding the system actions. However, these actions involve the export of data from XML documents in a database. Additionally, it includes user information retrieving from the directory and using the Twilio platform to send the SMS notifications, and more.

Workflowgen NoCode Platform allows the developers to build various webhooks, web services or products, and many other innovative and attractive things. However, it helps you to design and deploy the solutions quickly and rapidly to your users.

Furthermore, Workflowgen is one of the leading automated digital processes solution provider. However, it enables you to design and deploy the critical applications in the business as well as process-driven web and mobile applications.

You can further meet the exclusive needs and demands of your customers. However, you can boost the efficiency of your team. You can leverage a highly configurable workflow engine and designer. Additionally, you can deliver the high-level configurability using Graphics API, node, and webhooks, and Azure extension abilities.

There are many unknown and known features of the Workflowgen no-code application development platform. What makes it more reliable as well as unique? Let us see.


Sophisticated workflows

Workflowgen provides you with a sophisticated environment to build your workflow processes for your applications.

Quick designing of web forms

You can easily and rapidly design the web forms for your applications.

Process participant engagement

Workflowgen helps you to increase participant engagement in your applications.

Process management

This feature allows you to manage each and every process of your applications.

Approval of requests

Workflowgen has the ability to approve dozens of requests regarding your applications.

Multiple processes

Workflowgen has the ability to complete multiple processes simultaneously.

Global list management

You can efficiently manage the global list of events and activities using the Workflowgen.

Visual controls

Workflowgen grants you the various visual controls for your applications.

Report generation

You can generate reports of your activities on a timely basis.

Actions through email

You can carry out your entire actions and tasks regarding the users’ applications via email.

International expansion

However, you can do the international expansion of your applications using the extensive properties of the Workflowgen.

Comprehensive mobile applications

Workflowgen enables you to build inclusive mobile applications for your users.

Management of participants

You can administer easily and effectively the entry and behavior of the participants.

Directory management

This feature allows you to keep the record of your user activities and tasks.

Workflow applications

You can build automated as well as the sophisticated workflow-based applications for your business or organization.


You can get the web API that allows you to run your web applications smoothly on desktop as well as mobile devices.

Security and authentication

Workflowgen assures you to provide a 100% secure and authenticated environment to develop your applications.

Performance and scalability

You can boost your performance as well as design and develop highly scalable applications.

Audit trail

Workflowgen enables you to carry out the audit of your application that helps to improve your applications.

Document administration

You can easily and effectively manage the documentation activities of your applications.

Email unification

Workflowgen allows you to carry out the email integration with various processes in your application.

Task administration

You can manage each and every task in your application with consistent efficiency and reliability.

Data import and export

You can easily import data to and export the data from your application software.


This invoice helps you to remind about all the pending tasks in your applications.

Application unification

You can easily integrate your application with different workflow processes easily.

Workflow management

Workflowgen enables you to manage the workflow processes in your applications easily and effectively.

Compliance management

Workflowgen has the ability to manage the agreements and compliance of your applications.


You are able to associate with the various workflow-based applications and processes.

Resource administration

You can optimize as well as manage the various resources required to build an application.

Process approval

You can get an instant approval for your processes without having you to wait.

Help management

Workflowgen helps you anytime from anywhere.

Alert and notifications

You can get notified immediately when any change occurs in your application.

Customizable dashboard

You can get a dashboard that can be customized anytime from anywhere as per your needs and expectations.

Graphical editor

Workflowgen grants you the workflow editor that has graphical nature.

User access control

Workflowgen allows you to decide the user access controlling and handling.

Management of business rules

Workflowgen allows you to develop the applications by following the business rules.

Life-cycle management

You can manage the life-cycle of the application throughout its development process.

Process analysis

This analysis helps you to understand your applications in deep.

Process Capture

You are able to capture every single process in your applications with the Workflowgen.

Process change tracking

Workflowgen enables you to track the changes and modifications in the process of your applications.

Data mapping

this feature assists you to map the data collected from various sources in one place.

Process mapping

This helps you to map the various processes together.

Process modeling and designing

You can design as well as a model your applications as per your needs and requirements

Optimization management

You can manage the optimization of the cost, time, and resources required to develop the applications of your businesses.

So these are a few features and functions that are significant of the Workflowgen no-code application development platform. Additionally, you can get some additional information including the application examples and samples built using the Workflowgen no-code application development platform.

Hence, if you are searching for a right no-code application platform among 1000s of platforms to build your applications, then Workflowgen ends your search here. However, with Workflowgen, you can even start and boost your career as a citizen developer or a business user. No need to assign a separate individual regarding the development of the applications. As a result, it will help you to optimize your time, cost, and money.

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