Calcapp NoCode Platform

Calcapp NoCode Platform is an application developer especially designed for the Excel users. However, it supports over 300 formulae functions to build an application. Besides, you can visually design the layout of your interface that connects formulae fields. Additionally, it shares your app with your co-workers, users, customers, and friends as well.

Calcapp NoCode Platform allows you to add the multi-level menus that help you to navigate through the application. Additionally, it provides buttons like email PDF reports and validation rules that point out the bad values. Beyond this, these applications work efficiently when offline too.

Calcapp NoCode Platform allows you to build applications that may be developed by using a spreadsheet. However, you can build your own applications without customized software development. Additionally, you can use your spreadsheet skills to build your applications.

Calcapp NoCode Platform has strong and powerful support for calculations for a long time ago. However, it possesses features like cross-references and calculation properties. The latest version of the Calcapp makes it easy for the conversion of table data to formulae to use with drop-down list fields.

Calcapp NoCode Platform has the ability to generate these formulae automatically. All you to do do is just copy and paste the data from your spreadsheets. Additionally, Calcapp also introduced a new formula function representing data in a compact and efficient form.

So, this is what a Calcapp basic and fundamental information. Now, let us move to the further part of its features and functions that make it more reliable and exclusive. There are numerous features of the Calcapp NoCode application development platform. Some of the selected and significant features are given below.


Application development

Calcapp helps you to develop applications rather than spreadsheets. However, you will be able to forget the error-prone calculators by the Excel and build the applications rather. Besides you can design and develop a cloud-based application with the help of the designer. Additionally, it allows you to build applications without having to do any coding. Many large spreadsheets are very complicated to convert and calculate. hence, Calcapp allows you to easily carry out these calculations of the large spreadsheets.


Calcapp possesses a very easy-to-use and user-friendly user interface. However, it consists of simple drag-and-drop functions that allow you to design and develop your applications without writing a single line code. Hence, anyone with or without prior experience of coding or technical background can easily use the Calcapp no-code application development platform. You just need to possess basic computer knowledge as well as designing ideas to implement. Additionally, you can develop the forms easily as compared to the spreadsheets.

Work offline

This feature is very significant for every user. However, Calcapp helps you to work offline. That is, Calcapp can be used efficiently without having an internet connection. All you need to do is, just download and install it once. After the proper installment, you can use it even in the absence of an internet connection. This work is carried out by progressive web apps (PWAs) that help you work offline and installed in an easy way.


This is one of the most important features regarding the security of your data and information. However, sensitive data and information are kept confidential. Besides, Calcapp provides you a separate option to sign in to your system. As a result, your sensitive data and information are protected Calcapp provides amazing support to maintain the security as well as the confidentiality of your application’s sensitive data.

Robust and powerful formulae

Calcapp allows you to connect the strong and robust formulas such as Excel. However, this can be done with the help of supportive more than 300 functions. Besides, you can add this to the fields of your applications. Additionally, those formulas can be used to examine the field to be visible. Also, it sends the report of button that should be grayed-out. Additionally, it can eliminate erroneous values.

Files and folders

Calcapp supports files like PDF reports, Excel, slack, and many other files. However, you can collect the user information using text and number fields. For that, all you need to do is pressing a button of email PDF or CSV reports. Along with this, you can add buttons of the collected data to the spreadsheets and databases. Finally, you can post them to your Slack channels and many others. You can use traditional spreadsheets for many years to assist your consumers. You can help them to plan and operate water treatment systems. Calcapp helps you to access all these things on mobile devices.

No installation

Calcapp helps you to develop the applications that are compatible and run on any browser. Hence, it needs no installation for your IT department. However, this allows you the freedom to select the browser according to your own needs and expectations.

Rich text

Calcapp helps you to use the lists, links, headings, various fonts, and images with high-resolution. This helps you to get driven up your live documentation and rich text.

Safe and secure

Calcapp carries out the potential flag by detecting the invalid inputs and results. However, it assures to detect the errors comparatively early.

App plus web

An embedded calculator on a website that accesses the apps on android as well as iOS devices.

NoCode builder

As already discussed, Calcapp requires no coding skills or knowledge for developing the applications. Hence, any person with little designing ideas, as well as non-technical background, can easily build his own application graphically. Besides, you are provided with simple drag-and-drop and DIY tool components that need no coding. As a result, you can easily and rapidly design, develop, and deploy the applications without possessing the prior experience of programming or technical background.

Hence, the above are the features and functions of the Calcapp no-code platform. Here is some additional information about the Calcapp no-code platform.

Finally, are you are thinking to be a citizen developer or a business user? You can definitely go for the Calcapp no-code application development platform. You can build your own applications that can work offline too without coding.

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