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No Code Platform NINTEX is a networked provider that automates workflow and gives solutions for different business processes. It is proclaimed as the world’s superior workflow company. It brutalizes process mostly used in organizations CMS and association platforms, attaching on-premises, mobile users, and cloud workflows.

No Code Platform NINTEX was acquired by EnableSoft that is a robotic brutalization provider. It is a Bellevue-based tech enterprise. It makes a robust workflow administration platform. In 2017, Nintex achieved a target of $100 million in revenue. Nintex is one of the biggest organizations in the automated workflow industry.

Workflow automation and process management are important tasks carried out by Nintex. This platform is invented to associate the third-party software with Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, Salesforce, Box, and Adobe.

Nintex grants you to administer, upgrade, and automate your processes and products. This is important for a rapid and brilliant business transformation. It is simple to use. It produces strong and powerful applications for transforming your business.

Nintex has approved a leader approach with the highest rank. It is in the top 5 involving partners, revenue created by DPA, vision, and approach, number of enterprises, wide sales, and commercial model.

There are many features that we will see in detail also it has some of the basic features regarding workflow.

  1. Ingrained workflow: It allows users to design applications and manage digital workflows.
  2. Nintex provides competence for personalizing CSS and build customized workflow.
  3. Easy adoption of designing is obtained due to simple drag-and-drop function.
  4. Mobile Compatibility: Nintex application development platform is compatible with any mobile and tablet.

Apart from these basic features, Nintex has some additional features. Let us look into detail.

These are some of the features of the Nintex application development platform that makes it more efficient. Nintex platform is used by most of the organizations to develop their own applications without hiring a separate programmer and app developer.

There are many applications built using Nintex. Here you can get the list of apps built using NINTEX. So if you’re thinking of becoming a citizen developer, you can go with the Nintex application development platform to develop your apps.

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