Metaranx Nocode Platform

Metaranx NoCode Platform is basically a simple drag-and-drop software development platform. However, it enables you to create your own AI tools and applications. Besides, it allows you to upload your data, models, and even entire AI developments to its market place.

Furthermore, the Metaranx NoCode Platform allows you to participate free of cost open source community to improve the performance of your applications. You can convert each and everything that you create into an API. This API makes it easier for you to integrate with services and applications and hosting process.

Metaranx NoCode Platform allows you to develop, share as well as sell your AI tools. However, this all can be done without any coding process. The simple drag-and-drop components save your time, cost, resources, and energy requirements to build the applications.

Features of Metaranx

Like every other platform, Metaranx too possesses some extraordinary features that make it more reliable and different from other platforms.

AI Startup

Metaranx provides you the ability to build and Launch the AI startup even if you do not know-how. However, it can be accomplished by utilizing the no-code AI builder of the Metaranx. Additionally, you can build the AI tools that other companies and enterprises can easily find them in the marketplace of the Metaranx. Basically, the Entrepreneurs and Creative teams use AI builders of the Metaranx.

Sharing of code

The market place of the Metaranx helps you to share or sell the data, functions, models, and many other things. Additionally, you can create and configure any of your open-source models on its drag-and-drop platform. This makes it easy to work with the Metaranx. Basically, Dev and Data Scientists use the Metaranx marketplace to share their code.

AI for fun

The data, models, or AI templates of Metaranx Marketplace can be used to build your AI tools for your business. However, you can easily host the Metaranx nocode application development platform. Additionally, you can keep it private, share it, or download it from the marketplace. Basically, Metaranx is used by the Hobbyists and Enthusiasts.

AI community and market place

Metaranx provides you with a Data Marketplace along with a large community. However, this marketplace allows you to create and share your AI tools while the community helps you to learn new things to improve your applications.

Uploading data

You can easily share the collection of the data on the Metaranx platform. This may include a set of photos, a bunch of recipes, music playlists, etc. However, you can grant your data free of cost or even charge for it. Additionally, you can keep it for your private use only. You can share and access any and all the types of data.

Sharing models

Metaranx allows you to upload your assets and models on the market place so that people building AIs are able to purchase them. Besides, you can share your models on an open-source basis or keep them private. All types of AIs are available for free as well as fees on the Metaranx market place.

Build AI for everyone

Metaranx helps or assists anyone and everyone to build AI tools using its data and models. However, you can use it for your personal purpose or even you can share and sell them. At last, you will own anything and everything you create.

Customizable dashboard

You can build the dashboard of information. However, it is full of stats, the money you are currently earning with your IA developments, and many more.

Open-source platform

Metaranx allows you to find data sets, models, and tools free of cost. However, the marketplace possesses a lot of open-source platforms by other resources.

Workflow management

Metaranx allows you to automate the tasks that are repetitive and multi-step rules of business. However, it can be done using HappyFox workflow processes. Besides, the workflows help you to implement the business processes in a better way. Additionally, it helps you to improve productivity by reducing human errors.


As already discussed, Metaranx is a no-code platform that enables you to build Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. However, the other companies can easily figure out on market place and purchase. Additionally, you can easily integrate your applications with services and workflow processes.


Metaranx easily helps you to Database integration. However, it is the process that can be used to aggregate the collected information from various sources. These sources may include social media, IoT sensor data, data warehouses, consumer transactions, and sharing the current and clean version of the organization.

User management

You can easily carry out the user management activities with the use of user settings and user management sections of the Metaranx.

Technologies used

Metaranx is currently and actively utilizing the 14 technologies for building AI tools. However, it involves Viewport Meta, iPhone, or mobile compatibility as well as Google Analytics.

Pricing comparisons

Metaranx provides you the facility to pay the bill monthly as well as annually. However, it is free for the first 5 users. Then it charges Rs.42 per user per month if paid annually and Rs.50 per user per month.

Basically, Metaranx is can be used everywhere for doing everything. Here are some of the applications of the Metaranx no-code application development platform.

Better movie recommendations

Metaranx helps you to learn how to recommend the movies in a better way. However, it allows everyone to use the fine-tuned model for watching the movie on their own data.

Creating business content

However, it is a very struggling part to write effective content for your business. Hence, Metaranx helps you to easily create an AI that suggests you the keywords, craft titles, and relevant content to your service or product.

Medical assistance in healthcare

Metaranx is very much beneficial in healthcare centers. However, small clinics and dispensaries in Northern Ontario rely mainly on doctors and nurses. Besides, it uses to occasionally call the dentists to handle the patients. Beyond, it is used in assisting diagnoses regarding dental, lungs, and other X-ray needed diagnoses.

Hence, these were some important features and applications of the Metaranx. For more details, visit Metaranx no-code application development platform.

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