Babel Force NoCode Platform

Babel Force NoCode Platform started its journey in 2010 with a simple thesis and an objective of application development. However, it was a small but cohesive and advanced team of experts. Besides, it creates more effective and reliable when it comes to deploying the projects.

Babel Force NoCode Platform helps you to develop your own applications without possessing the coding knowledge or skills. However, you can build and deploy your own applications without taking any help from the professional programmers. Hence, it saves your time, money, and energy required to spend on the development of your application.

Babel Force NoCode Platform successfully completed and deployed many projects to their clients. However, it is used across the world to build efficient and reliable applications for their users and customers.

Babel Force was formalized as Codemix Limited and it always stays stuck and true to their principles. However, it brings new innovations and principles every single day.

Furthermore, Babel Force has some basic specialties like working with integrity, quick delivery of the results, and being pragmatic. However, it favors an open-source platform features as well as releases as much as possible work. It works under the guidelines of the permissive licenses.

Babel Force spends most of the time thinking about how to make improvements in your applications and constantly working on it. Additionally, it keeps on consistently pushing the ecosystem forward and bring it ahead.

Hence, this is some basic information about the Babel Force no-code application development platform. Now, let us move further and get the information about the features and functions of the Babel Force no-code application development platform.


Connection with cloud vendors

Babel Force grants you the ability to establish the connection with the vendors of the cloud directly.

Automation of process

You are able to automate each and every process in your application using the Babel Force no-code application development platform.

No code tools

Furthermore, you get the numerous no-code tools that can be used to develop your application without coding.

Automatic outbound dialing

Babel Force possesses the feature that allows you to outbound your dialing in an easy and efficient way.

Reg flag retention

This feature of Babel Force enables you to reg the flag retention.

Compilation of call lists

Babel Force offers you the ability to compile the entire lists of your calls so that you can maintain the record in an proper way.

Quick lead response

You can get the lead response as well as the updates regarding it very quickly and rapidly.

Real-time data monitoring and prompts

Babel Force helps you to keep monitoring the ongoing activities in your applications. However, you can manage the task and activities of your applications in rel-time.

Automatic rescheduling of call

Whenever any calls fail to occur or want to schedule the call again, you can get the ability of automatic rescheduling of call after a fix interval of time.

VIP routing

You can get the ability that helps you to support the VIP routing for your application. However, Babel Force helps you to get all the activities done regarding the routing.

Custom personalized service

Babel Force grants you the custom personalized service to boost the efficiency and reliability of your applications.

IVR configuration

You can easily carry out the IVR configuration for your applications. However, it becomes very easy to configure that in the application.

IVR and SMS automation

Babel Force has the ability to automate the IVR and SMS configurations. However, it also grants the automatic alerts and notifications regarding your applications.

Onboarding clients

Babel Force allows you to onboard clients anytime. However, it can do the on boarding of clients anytime from anywhere.

No waiting or Zero waiting features

This feature is one of the most important features of Babel Force. However, it do not takes long time to complete the process. Hence, you do not have to wait too long.

Customizable KPI dashboards

You get very easy to use and personalized dashboards that you can customize in your own way.

Integration with tools

Babel Force enables you to unify with the numerous tools and processes.

Automation of tools integration

However, after integrating with different tools, it is necessary to automate them. You can do it easily using the Babel Force.


Babel Force offers you the ability to work with the total integrity regarding the application development.

Rapid deployment results

You get the results regarding the deployment of applications with no delay. However, you do not have to wait so long for the final deployment of the application.


Babel Force is a platform that allows you to be pragmatic while developing the applications.

Open-source platform with permissive licenses

Babel Force works as an open-source platform under the permissive license feature to build the reliable applications.

Embedding with large enterprises

You can easily embed your applications with the large organizations.

Efficient development

Babel Force helps you to design and develop the efficient applications.


You can build the applications with the high productivity.

Resolving hard problems

Babel Force grants you the ability to solve each and every hard problem of your user easily.

Fixation of bugs

You can easily detect and fix the bugs in your application.

Code base improvement

This helps you to consistently make the improvements in your applications.

Effective team building

However, you can develop an effective development team for your application.

React-and-react native application development

This helps you to develop the native applications.

Scalability application development

Babel Force allows you to build the applications with the high scalability.

So, these were the features and special functions of the Babel Force no-code application development platform. Further, let us take some additional information about the Babel Force no-code application development platform.

As a result, you can choose the Babel Force as a platform to build your own applications. Even you can begin the journey of your career as a citizen developer or a business user with Babel Force. However, it assists you to boost your career in very less interval of time.

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