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BERS NoCode Platform

BERS NoCode Platform is basically a content management platform that provides a wide variety of tools. However, these tools help you to optimize the digital content development without writing a single line code in your applications.

BERS NoCode Platform grants you the digital brochures for your applications. However, it grants you with the more attractive schemes. Besides, it assists you unleashing the power of the content in your applications. Additionally, it provides you with the ready-to-use attractive and interactive features and components.

Furthermore, BERS allows you to build digital content seamlessly and easily without any code writing. Beyond, it builds mobile applications, Microsites, One pager applications, and more that too easily and quickly.


Ready-to-use components and widgets

You get the ready-made widgets that helps you to design your applications. No need to code at all.

Effects and interactive components

BERS grants you the various types of effects and interactive components.


You can build the highly reliable applications with the help of the BERS.

Video player

BERS provide you with a video player or media player that helps you to record the wanted information.

Map unification

You can integrate your application with the help of the maps.


You get the interactive charts for your applications.


You get the various quizzes for your applications. However, these quizzes help you to increase and keep your audience engaged in your applications.

Intuitive User Interface

BERS possesses a simple and intuitive user interface that is very user-friendly to use.

Beauty-driven features

These features allows you to build attractive and beautiful applications for your audience.

Instant feedback

BERS helps you to get the customer feedback instantly. However, this helps you to instantly make enhancements in your applications.


You can build the engaging and entertaining content in your applications.

Standards of perfection

BERS enables you to build the applications by considering the standards of perfections for your users and customers.

Interactive gallery

BERS possesses a separate and interactive gallery for storing your all media regarding your applications.

Customized branded

You can design and develop the applications that has the customized branding.


However, you can build highly scalable applications with the help of the BERS.

Mobile development

In addition to this, BERS has the ability to develop mobile applications that are compatible with all the mobile devices.

Native applications for Android and iOS

Furthermore, BERS helps you to design, develop, end deploy the native application for Android and iOS.

Global and powerful

However, BERS is a global yet power no-code application development platform.

Content delivery

Additionally, you can easily develop and deploy the content of your application.

In-depth analytics

However, this feature allows you to get the overall information about your application users.

Cross-platform application development and publishing

However, you can build and publish the cross-platform applications.


Further, BERS allows you to integrate with the various workflow processes.

Self-learning tools

However, these self-learning tools help you to build the efficient and reliable applications.

Internal and external audience

However, you can get the internal as well as external audience for your applications.

Variety of digital content

Additionally, BERS allows you to develop a variety of the digital content.

Easy building of content

Furthermore, you can create the content easily in your application.

WYSIWYG web-editor

This web-editor is very user-friendly with simple drag-drop components.

Easy distribution of content

However, you can easily distribute the content of your applications everywhere in your applications.

Full potential application development

BERS helps you to develop completely potential and reliable applications.


The applications built using the BERS are very efficient and portable.

Quick and robust

You can build the faster and powerful applications using the BERS.

Public package

BERS grants you the public packages that contains the various features and functions that are useful for your applications.

Completely digital book stand

You get an individual and digital boos stand for your application.

Drag-drop components

These components simply designs your applications by just drag-and-drop feature. No need to write the code or program.


Furthermore, you can add, edit, modify as well as delete the reader-pages of your applications.

Instant publishing

Once you write the content for your application, you can instantly publish it.

Pushing content to user and devices

BERS allows you to push the content to users and customers from the applications.

Push notifications

These push notifications help you to get informed about the ongoing activities of your application.

Future software updates

BERS helps you to get the software updates in the future so that you can improve the performance of your applications.

Tailor-made widgets

These widgets allow you to efficiently develop your applications.

Tracking and recording

BERS allows you to track as well as record the entire activities in your applications.

Easy configuration

The applications built by BERS are generally easy to configure.


You can get the impactful performance from the BERS applications.

Support and training as well as recording coaching

BERS provides you with online support and training in application development. However, you can keep and record the coaching so that you can get the information in the future.

This is some basic fundamental information about the BERS NoCode application development Platform. Besides, it possesses many special features and qualities like every other platform. However, you can get the information about the features so that you can come to know the things that make it more reliable and unique from others. Hence, let us move to an important part of the features of the BERS.

So, these are the few primes and significant features of the BERS no-code application development platform. Here you can get more detailed information about the BERS no-code application development platform.

So, if you are wishing to become a successful citizen developer or a business user to make your application development on your own, you can blindly choose the BERS no-code application development platform. However, it requires no coding technology. Hence, it is very user-friendly and anyone with less or no coding knowledge or experience can easily build the applications.

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